When Cheeseburgers Go Bad

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fast Food Menu Challenges, The Cheeseburger

Edna is contemplating ordering a hamburger from her favorite fast food menu as she waits in the long line at the drive-through. Just the junior size, she tells herself as she continues to contemplate. With a healthy smear of mustard over Mayo.

And yes - extra vegetables. But....is that small hamburger going to satisfy her hunger for the remainder of the afternoon, she asks herself. Better order the bigger burger. Not too bad in calories, although hefty in fat grams and sodium, she adds to her struggling thoughts, her hunger mounting as the line suddenly begins to shorten. And she's only planning on having the one hamburger.

What was the hold-up? And as she sees the order-taker handing the vehicle that is five cars in front of her five heavy-looking bags, her answer is provided. Edna quickly switches her thoughts back onto her upcoming order. What was it? Oh yeah, a large hamburger with mustard and extra vegetables.

Single Hamburger, Double or Triple Meat & Cheese Decisions/Challenges for Dieters

As her stomach growls, she suddenly decides that because she is only having the single hamburger, that she should add a healthy dose of dairy to her meal - a slice of cheese. And....boy-oh-boy, that cheeseburger would sure taste great with Mayo over mustard. Mustard's okay, but nothing like Mayo on a cheeseburger, she goes on to decide.

The line suddenly stagnates again, Edna becoming hungrier and a bit agitated at having to wait so long to order her food, much less receive it. She has to be back to work in twenty minutes for goodness sakes! She'll barely have time to wolf-down her food before returning to her desk.

Glancing at the lovely-looking extra large drive-through menu again, she decides that the fries look awfully tasty. Why not? Just a small fry. They go wonderfully-well with cheeseburgers. She'll just stick to the small fry she decides as she continues to wait. Five minutes later, she begins to panic as she now has only fifteen minutes to eat and return to the office. It's a good five minute drive back to the old workplace. Dear oh dear, she frets as the car in front of her moves to the window to place an order.

Perhaps she should order the large fry?

She's not going to have time to eat all of the cheeseburger - not now with so little time. She'll be lucky to take three bites. What to do, what to do? Then a solution pops to mind - and unfortunately it's not the sane solution of reverting back to her original order - a small burger. Nope. Her solution entails adding a small shake to go along with the fries. A strawberry one. That way, she'll be able to munch on the fries and sip the shake as she works at her computer, because after all - she's only going to be able to take a few quick bites of the cheeseburger. Good thing that snacks are allowed at her workstation, Edna tacks onto her busy thoughts, thinking that the few bites of the cheeseburger, the package of fries and the shake will certainly satisfy her hunger throughout the afternoon without blowing her diet plan. After all, how many calories can a few bites of burger, a pack of fries and a shake contain?

Ten minutes later, Edna is zooming away from the fast food restaurant, a large cheeseburger with Mayo clutched tightly in one of her hot little Diet Hands, the other on the wheel. She barely manages to finish it before rushing to her desk along with the large fries and large shake. Perhaps the large shake had been a mistake she decides a tab too late, given the fact that she was able to waddle-down the cheeseburger. What now? She can't let it go to waste - not with money being so tight these days. No way to keep it until later either, she tacks onto her thoughts.

A large cheeseburger, a large pack of fries and a large strawberry shake later, Edna is as full as a Diet Tick. When break time rolls around, she decides to try to locate the amount of calories that she consumed over lunch as she's seriously trying to drop thirty-five pesky pounds. After she locates the calorie information on Diet Bites, she gasps - realizing that she has consumed over 2,000 calories and a plethora of fat grams, sodium and cholesterol - not to mention a carb overload! If she had stuck with her original decision of the small hamburger, she would have consumed a tiny 270 calories. She could have even ordered a small cheeseburger for a tiny 330 calories. Oh no, what to Diet Do, what to Diet Do? She had really, really been Diet Naughty.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

Hunger has the power to drive us to places that we would have never gone. When dining out, always ask for a nutrition menu before ordering so that calorie content can be calculated before placing the order. Better yet - pack a healthy sandwich, or soup, or salad for lunch along with some sweet fresh fruit and you may even have time for a short brisk walk before returning to lunch.

Also keep in mind that the heavier the noon meal, the more tired you may feel as the afternoon progresses. About three o'clock, Edna was ready to grab a pillow and go to beddy-bye, experiencing great difficulty in finishing the remainder of her work day.

As to Edna's weight loss quest, we are happy to report that she changed her Diet Ways and went on to successfully drop all her unwanted weight.

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