The Scale That Would Not Die

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Jerry is ready to throw-in the Diet Towel.

All these weeks - dieting his little brains out, yet the weight scales refuse to budge. And it's so unfair.

His wife Eunice did the 'diet thing' with him and she was already dropping unwanted pounds. Females are suppose to lose weight typically slower than males, right? What could have possibly derailed his weight loss plan? Jerry thinks back to the past week, contemplating his daily diet......

Monday - Day 1 of The Diet Plan:

Jerry decided to skip breakfast while Eunice indulged by enjoying a boiled egg and a slice of whole wheat toast smeared with a serving of her favorite jam.

Jerry assumed that skipping breakfast would give him an advantage over weight loss.

However, by mid-morning he was feeling sorta weak and decided to visit the vending machine on Floor 10, choosing a tasty looking Cheese Danish. It was on the tiny side, so it was okay. It should have fit nicely into his weight loss plan, right?

And what good is a Cheese Danish without iced cold milk?

Yum....that chocolate milk looked so good that he opted for that over plain.

In fact, other than skipping breakfast and dropping by the vending machine for his mid-morning ritual, his diet meal menus had matched his wife's.

The following morning, Jerry headed straight to the vending machine before heading to his office. He purchased his tasty Cheese Danish, as well as the large container of chocolate milk, then viewed the labels to determine calorie content.

Initially he was stunned because he had assumed that the Cheese Danish as well as the chocolate milk contained one serving each.

After all, who buys anything from a vending machine for more than one person. In actuality, the chocolate milk contained two servings while the Cheese Danish contained two servings.

Wow....oh wow. Oh no.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

Jerry felt rather ill as he continued to read the nutrition labels.

The Cheese Danish contained 420 calories per serving, and because the package contained two servings, the total calorie content equaled 840 calories.

As to the chocolate milk, it contained 320 calories per serving - therefore 640 calories for the entire container.

Jerry had been consuming 1,480 calories for his mid-morning snack. He and Eunice were on a 1,500 calorie per day diet plan. Gee, no wonder the scales weren't moving in the right direction.

Jerry quickly amended his dieting mistakes and the next time he weighed, he wanted to hug his bath scales.

In Weight Loss Summary

Never judge a Cheese Danish without looking at the label - or for that matter, a container of chocolate milk, either.

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