There's a Monster in My Kitchen

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Shopping While on a Diet Plan Tips

Just take a good gander at shopper Gilbert below. His shopping cart contains a plethora of healthy foods - whole grains, fresh vegetables, lean proteins, low fat dairy selections and....oh my goodness indeed - he's planning on adding a pile of....donuts to the cart. Could this be wise? Diet Truth, the answer depends greatly upon Gilbert's point in life, rather his state of current health based on his current daily diet.

If Gilbert is having an occasional donut OR other favorite treat every-now-and-then, good for Gilbert as he has taken control over his daily diet and is choosing his selections wisely. Although a donut may be a common no-no, it's totally okay to enjoy an occasional treat.

Healthy Foods in Your Shopping Cart Can Become Unbalanced When Unhealthy Foods Such as Cookies, Ice Cream & Doughnuts Are Added

On the other Diet Hand, if Gilbert is planning on purchasing three or four dozen donuts to consume by himself OR if his pantry at home is filled with other crummy food choices (ie unhealthy foods) then Gilbert could be adding a monster to his kitchen and would wise to steer his cart towards the fresh fruit section of the store.

All too often, individuals jump on the Diet Bandwagon and embrace a very restrictive diet - one that is not only too restrictive in calories, but also too restrictive in food choices.

When food favorites are added to a smart weight loss plan, odds increase for weight loss success, particularly when the dieter has a substantial amount of weight to lose.

The Diet Trick involves the following when inserting food favorites into a weight loss plan:

weight loss motivation Higher calorie, higher fat food options should be controlled;

weight loss motivation Food favorites are accompanied by a feeling of joy which impacts a-whole-lot of great things within the body; the happy dieter tends to drop pounds easier and quicker than unhappy dieters.

Moods matter when it comes to weighty issues.

weight loss motivation When food favorites are part of a weight loss plan, the dieter can be motivated in looking forward to enjoying their favorite treat. "I'll be Diet Good so I can enjoy my food favorite."

weight loss motivation And last but certainly not least, IF the dieter is unable to control the amount of food favorites they are eating, then they will need to avoid the food favorite or risk derailing their weight loss plan.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

A weight loss plan too restrictive in calories and food choices is generally doomed from the get-go.

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