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Eating May Be Addictive

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can you really have your hot chocolate and drink it too? You betcha!

The key is planning ahead so that the calories tuck-in nicely within your daily diet plan.

This Diet Bites article contains some spiffy tips that will assist in keeping your weight loss plan on track, as well as assist in understanding the addictive potential associated with eating - which we must all do in order to survive.

Diet Bites has pointed-out the following so many times, but it's worth being pointed-out again: "Food is the most difficult addiction to overcome.

One can kick gambling, drugs - including alcohol and tobacco as well as other addictive situations and substances totally OUT of their lives, but they can't do such with food. Without food, the body cannot survive. Therefore, the individual who has a food addiction is continually struggling to overcome succumbing to overeating."

Weight Loss Strategies to Assisting in Combating Food Addiction

Although we must eat to live, many of we-humans live to eat. For the individual who is addicted to the taste and flavors of foods, the challenges they face can be overwhelming. More often than not, the overweight individual places the blame on their overweight state on a particular situation or circumstance that triggered the weight gain process.

The food addiction may be rooted to an unfortunate situation they experienced, and comfort was found in the form of food. A food addiction may also stem from childhood eating habits.

A food addiction may be related to nervous or unconscious eating. Or a food addiction may simply be due to the individual enjoying food.

While many would advice, "Get over it! Move forward and lose the weight, why don't ya!", it's not that simple.

For individuals who suffer from an eating addiction, there are hurdles to overcome, and almost always there are everlasting scars. And unfortunately, there has always been very little understanding and sympathy for individuals suffering from food addiction.

For anyone who is experiencing emotional pain from a food addiction, treatment differs from individual to individual. Therefore, if you are suffering from a food addiction please DO get help so that you can take a positive step in life.

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Here are some tips that can assist in keeping the daily diet on track:

Weight Loss Motivation Tips For the overweight individual, somewhere along the tracks of life our appetite derailed our chew-chew. Therefore, we must find a way to get back on track.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips Before choosing the foods we want to insert into our daily diet, it might be helpful to ask the following questions:

- Why am I eating right now? Snack time? Meal time? Or, just because I wanna eat time?

- What is a serving size? And am I eating the recommended serving size?

- Are my food selections housed within the Official Food Pyramid OR are they commercially prepared no-nothings?

- Is my daily diet planned around food choices that contain the number of calories required to support my recommended weight?

- Am I wolfing down my food OR am I enjoying each bite? And if I'm wolfing down my food, why? Was it because I was too hungry? Because it tasted to good? If so, slow down and savor the flavor!

In Weight Loss Summary

Weight Loss Motivation Tips Rather than thinking of food as food, think of food as necessary energy for your body. Think about the foods that are the purest of energy, those foods that contain minimal fat - and foods that are closest to their raw state. Example:

GOOD: Steamed broccoli covered with low fat melted cheese.

BETTER: Steamed broccoli plus 1 pat of light margarine.

BEST: Steamed broccoli.

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