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Plan & Map Out Your Diet Plan As You Would If You Were Taking a Trip

Virgil and Hank decide to take an impromptu trip to Maine. They start their adventure in Dallas, Texas. In fact, the trip is so impromptu that they just jump in their truck and strike out - zooming onto the Interstate, smiles plastered all over their barbate faces. Yes indeedy, they were going to see puffins, whales and moose!

Along the way they pass several signs, yet they are too busy concentrating on puffins, whales and moose to take notice.

Several hours later, the sun starts sinking in the 'eastern' horizon causing Virgil and Hank to share a blank look. Where were they? Where were they headed? Something wasn't quite right.

"Look over there," Virgil drawls, pointing towards snow-capped mountains.

"Better stop for the night and get some well-needed shut-eye," Hank decides as he starts searching for a motel. Then, "Can't wait to slip into my comfortable jammies and climb into bed."

Virgil and Hank share another blank look, Virgil easing out, "I thought that YOU packed the suitcases!"

Needless to say, Hank and Virgil spent the night sleeping in their day clothes, then spent the next day winding their way from the Rocky Mountains to Maine, ending up late that night back in Dallas, Texas - both scratching their heads in wonderment.

Weight Loss Strategies

We can quickly see that Hank and Virgil got into deep voodoo because their plan lacked a strategy. They knew that they wanted to reach Maine as their goal, but things quickly derailed without a strategy.

Their Maine Adventure is much like many dieters' weight loss adventures. One day an individual wakes up and thinks, "Hey - I'm going to lose weight starting right now!"

With no weight loss strategy in place, they begin by skipping breakfast because they are too consumed in reaching a magic number on their weight scales. They also skip lunch because they were so consumed in their thoughts that they forget to pack lunch. By the time that dinner rolls around, they are so famished that they think, "What the heck! Dieting sucks". By the next morning, they end-up right back where they started with no puffins, no whales, and no moose in sight.

Bottom Diet Line: All dieters should start their weight loss process with a strategy in mind. A few tips when developing a weight loss strategy include the following.

Dieting Strategies Should Include the Food Pyramid

Weight Loss Motivation Tips The weight loss strategy should include a strong daily diet plan filled with foods from the official food pyramid. To entertain the eye, the plate should always be an array of healthy colors such as green beans, orange carrots and golden brown whole grain bread. Snacks should be healthy - such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

Dieting Strategies Should Include Back Up & Activity Plans

Weight Loss Motivation Tips The weight loss strategy should include a back-up plan. Many times, the original weight loss plan just isn't working. It may be too restrictive, or it may not suit a dieter's taste preferences. OR, a dieter may suddenly enter the Land of Diet Temptation. A back-up plan is key to keeping on track.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips The weight loss strategy should include an activity that the dieter will stick with going forward. If exercise is more grueling than fun, it's just not going to last.

Rest to Balance Your Diet & a Weight Maintenance Plan to Ensure You Don't Regain Lost Weight

Weight Loss Motivation Tips The weight loss strategy should include adequate rest to balance the weight loss process and to keep the body in tune, as well as invigorated. If the individual is not invigorated, there won't be any room for Weight Loss Motivation. Rest and relaxation should not only include 'sleep' but also hobbies, games, and even pausing to read a good book or to relax and enjoy a movie.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips The weight loss strategy should include a Weight Maintenance Plan to ensure that the lost weight doesn't find its way back home, returning with a vengeance.

In Weight Loss Summary

A weight loss strategy is basically a map for weight loss. Routing out the smartest roads to travel, as well as roads to avoid is vital in achieving weight loss success. Devising a weight loss strategy will keep the dieter on track, producing impressive AND most importantly PERMANENT weight loss results.

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