How to Reduce Weight

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Oh my, Lily just stepped onto the weight scales and the numbers are a lot higher than she anticipated.

Then again, it's been a very long while since Lily has gazed at her weight scales, much less used them. Oh dear, oh dear, how can Lily reduce weight and get back to her recommended weight?

How to Reduce Weight by Daily Diet

Lily must first examine her daily diet in her quest to reduce weight. In fact, her daily diet is the influencing factor in the Weight Reduction Equation. Currently, Lily needs to reduce her weight by 25 pounds.

Lily would serve the weight loss process well by implementing the following into her daily dining and snacking routine:

Weight Loss Motivation Tips To reduce weight, Lily should eliminate all fried foods from her daily diet and stick with wiser, leaner cooking methods including roasting, grilling, boiling, and broiling. Those pesky batters and oils can generate a plethora of pesky, unwanted calories which in turn, generate unwanted weight gain.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips To reduce weight, Lily should eliminate beverages from her daily diet containing empty calories such as soda and sweetened tea.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips To reduce weight, Lily should opt for light and low fat salad dressings and dipping options, as well as lighter, low fat spreading options for breads and sandwiches. While the color of butter and margarine is quite beautiful, once inserted into the body, things get ugly. And these yellow beauties are hefty when it comes to calorie content - and all consist of pure-D fat. As to 'sandwich spreads', full-blown Mayo is massive in calorie content, so in this situation opting for the healthy yellow stuff (mustard!) is the way to go! Bottom Diet Line: Reducing the calories in this area of Lily's daily diet can create a substantial impact on the number on her weight scales.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips To reduce weight, Lily should ditch all commercially-prepared snacks, as well as sugary and greasy homemade snacks and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables during snack time. Chips, dips, hot buttered popcorn, candy, and bakery items are not a dieter's best friend.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips To reduce weight, Lily should switch to low fat dairy products. She would also do well in reducing her weight as well as adding a dose of good health to her daily diet by switching from the solid vegetable shortening she currently uses to olive oil.

Besides, Lily isn't going to need the vegetable shortening anymore as she's ditching the frying process, and the olive oil will serve her taste buds well as it can be drizzled minimally onto vegetables to add flavor during the roasting process, and it can be used when preparing eggs, and it even pairs well with vinegar in creating a healthier salad dressing option.

Although olive oil contains about the same number of calories as butter per serving, the chemical make-up is substantially different with olive oil containing fat-composite elements that can improve health in comparison to less-healthy oil options.

Even so, Lily should still keep a wise eye on the amount of ANY fat used in her daily diet as ALL fat is high in calories, and a little can go a long way in boosting flavor. Lily should search for 'cold pressed' extra virgin olive oil when shopping.

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How to Reduce Weight - The Sodium Factor & Weight Gain

Lily can also erase false pounds created by an overage of sodium (salt) in her daily diet. Too much salt in the diet tends to retain water, and water weighs heavily as well as makes the heart work harder. In some individuals, excess sodium in the daily diet can trigger high blood pressure.

How to Reduce Weight by Activity & Exercise

Adding a dose of healthy exercise and activity to her daily schedule - or at minimum, three times per week can assist Lily in not only strengthening her body, but also in reducing her weight.

In Weight Loss Summary

As Dieter Lily embraces a daily diet that contains the number of calories to support her recommended weight, in addition to adding a healthy dose of exercise - she will begin to see impressive results in the way of weight loss, as well as in the way that her mind body feels.

A two-pound rate of weight lost per week is an excellent goal, as well as a doable goal for most individuals concerned about reducing their weight.

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