Dieting by the Internal OR External Clock

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can the time of day that you eat influence what you weigh? You betcha!

While a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, a metabolism speed isn't a metabolism speed isn't a metabolism speed.

Simply put, as the day progresses our zippy metabolism slows down with the pace of the day.

Like most of our little brains, it works most efficiently at the beginning of our day. By the time evening rolls around, it likes to rest along with the 'rest' of our body.

Therefore, daytime eating is not only wiser than nighttime eating, it can impact the magic number on your weight scales.

Even so, it's very difficult - if not impossible at times to resist nighttime or evening eating. Relaxation and food go hand-in-hand before going hand-to-mouth.

There's nothing quite like watching a great movie while snacking on a great big bowl of hot buttered popcorn which contains great big fat calories. Your lips say 'yes' while your hips say 'no'.

At the time that we're munching we may think, "It's too late to worry about a diet or weight loss. Right now, I'm tired - I just want to rest and relax and by gosh - enjoy myself. I'll worry about losing weight tomorrow."

And then *tomorrow* never rolls around as we keep repeating the nighttime eating process over and over and yes, over again.

But take heart because there are a few weight loss tricks that you can use to halt the evening snacking process OR to make healthier choices that won't greatly deter your weight loss dreams:

To Halt Late Evening Eating & Snacking Try These Diet Tips:

Weight Loss Motivation Grab a diet soda OR your favorite low calorie beverage to take the edge off.

Weight Loss Motivation A stick of chewing gum can also assist in dousing the hungries, as can a meeting with your trusty toothbrush. After all that cleaning, you may not want to destroy all your hard work.

Weight Loss Motivation Try taking an evening stroll in a safe area OR embrace an activity that you enjoy. Crafts, sewing, putting together puzzles, even playing on the computer can assist in placing your focus off of food. Before you know it - it's time for beddy bye.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

To Enjoy Late Evening Eating & Snacking by Implementing Healthier Food & Beverage Choices Try These Diet Tips:

Weight Loss Motivation If you enjoy popcorn as well as watching television in the evening, opt for the variety lowest in calories and don't add additional fat.

Weight Loss Motivation Make healthy fresh fruit readily available for snacking.

Weight Loss Motivation Measure out 50 calories worth of unsalted sunflower seeds. These babies take a long time to eat.

Weight Loss Motivation A bowl of whole-grain cereal can assist in taking the edge off without blowing your weight loss plan. Enjoy with skim or low fat milk.

Weight Loss Motivation Scramble a couple of eggs; these babies will stick to your ribs for hours to come. Even with a slice of 70-calorie whole grain toast, the calorie content equals about 210 calories. What a Diet Deal!

In Weight Loss Summary

It takes a lot of weight loss motivation at times to overcome evening snacking. And whenever a dieter succumbs, they end up kicking their self in the Diet Bee-Hind the following morning, generally right after they step onto the weight scales to assess the damage. Just one great reason to stay on track with your weight loss plan.

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