Clawing Over the Weight Loss Plateau

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Edith's Diet & the Weight Loss Plateau

Dieter Edith has been very faithful to her healthy diet plan over the last six weeks and each week, she has been rewarded with a 2-pound decrease on her weight scales.

Twelve pounds later, she steps onto the weight scales and is seized with disappointment. ZERO weight loss? How can this be?

"Oh well," she thinks, brushing negative Weight Loss Thoughts aside. She decides that she will continue to be true to her smart weight loss plan over the next week, and see if the scales will once again prove generous in the way of weight loss.

Zero Weight Loss

One week to the day, Dieter Edith steps onto the weight scales, and she's not lovin' what she sees. Again, a ZERO pound weight loss. Two weeks - why that's half a month, and zero weight loss? Again? No way?

Again, Dieter Edith decides to brush the negative Weight Loss Thoughts aside.

After all, she is following a calorie-restricted weight loss plan. At some point, her efforts have to be rewarded.

One week to the day, Dieter Edith steps onto the weight scales, almost frightened to view the results.

Significant Weight Loss Generally Follows a Weight Loss Plateau

But when she does, a grand smile forms on her face as she sees a seven pound decrease in her weight! Oh my! She then celebrates by taking a brisk walk around the block. Happy Diet Days are here again!

So.....what happened in those recent weeks? Why didn't Dieter Edith see any weight loss results on her weight scales? And why did she suddenly see a dramatic rate of weight loss?

It's the effect of what is commonly coined as the 'Weight Loss Plateau', a time when the body appears to stagnate amid the weight loss process before responding once again with weight loss results.

Although the body is miraculous, even it must pause and make adjustments to all the great things that are happening - a healthier transformation!

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

If you're dieting and remaining true to your diet plan and suddenly experience a period of Weight Loss Stagnation, be patient. If you continue to diet without experiencing weight loss results, it's time to switch-up your diet plan.

Perhaps more activity is needed, or you may be consuming too few calories OR you may be consuming too many calories to support your goal weight. Too few calories and the body's metabolism creeps to a snail's pace, working hard to conserve precious energy.

The bottom line is - never give up! With weight loss motivation and dedication, the unwanted pounds will come off.

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