Boring Weight Loss Plans

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Topper & Agnes Go on a Diet

Topper and his wife Agnes started a snazzy new diet plan for weight loss about two months ago.

And frankly, Topper has to say that the 6 bananas a day along with the pot of cabbage soup is getting quite long in the tooth.....

Before this current Diet Escapade, he and Agnes had relinquished all their favorite desserts and snacks in favor of those little pre-calculated calorie snacks as well as prepared diet meals delivered directly to their cave entrance.

At least some of the cookie packages had been tasty, Topper recalls in retrospect.

But once they had tired of those, they had jumped on the newest Diet Band Wagon in hopes of dropping those unwanted pounds.

When Diet Plans Lose Their Luster

Unfortunately, this new diet just wasn't all that, and it wasn't working *that* well, either.

He was about ready to toss in the Diet Towel when his little honeybun of a wife - dear Agnes looked up at him, batting her eyes as she suggested, "Topper darling, why don't we return to our roots?

Raw Foods Diet Plan

Let's try ditching all these commercialized so-called goodies-for-foodies and instead, let's try dining on foods that are closest to their raw state. Things like.....fresh raw veggies, fresh fruit and so forth. Baby, how long has it been since you've enjoyed a tasty kumquat?"

"Way too long," Topper decided, gazing up and down at his wife with loving eyes. "And you have a splendid idea, darling! Come on and follow me - down to Farmer McGreggor's spread. I hear from Peter that he has quite an assortment of green veggies and tasty carrots - just there for the taking. After that, what about dropping by the old beanstalk to pay Jack a visit? Nothing like a good legume for a healthy smash, eh?"

"Oh darling, you're making me swoon....."

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

After embracing a daily diet that was as close to its natural state as possible, both Topper and Agnes lost those pesky unwanted pounds in record time. Who says you can't have your kumquats and eat them too?

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