What's For Lunch, Little Dieter?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Looking for Something Tasty While Dieting, a Difficult Challenge Where Calories are Concerned

You're on a weight loss plan....yes, a dreaded restricted-calorie daily diet and finding something tasty is like finding a needle in a haystack.

And all those diet friendly recipes that you've been culling through - so complicated, so involved, waaaay too time-consuming.

By the time you get the recipe prepared, you'll end up looking like a skeleton for certain!

Losing weight doesn't have to be so hard.

Let's see if we can simplify and make the weight loss process run smoothly.

Oh my, hear that noise in the distance? A gentle purr....

It might help to acknowledge that once you reach your goal weight (generally, your recommended weight), you're going to have to continue consuming X-amount of calories going forward, or weight gain will ensue.

Of course, adding exercise to the Weight Equation can certainly assist with the balance. You'll lose those unwanted excess pounds much quicker and you're body will become toned - so you'll not only lose weight quicker, your body will actually appear thinner than if would have if you hadn't started exercising. Those toned muscles present a sleeker appearance, a thinner appearance.

And you'll not only look thinner, you'll have larger bone mass due to exercise. You'll also have better balance - and you'll be much stronger than you were in your Couch Potato life.

Rather Than Going on a Diet, Try This Method for Permanently Losing Excess Body Fat

Step 1. We suggest that you determine the number of calories your body needs to support your recommended weight.

Step 2. From there, simply consume that amount of calories going forward - making your choices from the healthy food pyramid groups.

Click here OR here to view Diet Bites charts which can be used as an example for calories needs.

Once you lose the excess pounds - no matter which diet plan that you choose to use, you must stick to the number of calories necessary to support your new weight.

If you return to your former eating habits, you're simply going to regain all of the lost weight.

This is why losing weight and keeping it off forever requires a life change.

Our no-diet approach provides a healthy pattern for life - one that can  be followed going forward.

In Weight Loss Summary

Losing weight is hard, but in the end it's generally much easier than Weight Maintenance. Over 95% of individuals who lose significant weight end up regaining the weight in addition to more weight.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

Therefore, Diet Bites feels that too much emphasis is placed on weight loss rather than weight maintenance in today's health news.

Losing weight is so challenging, and once those extra pounds are gone, the post dieter should work doubly hard to make sure they never come back again! While almost-everyone can lose weight, not everyone can keep it off. So work hard, keep the weight off for good! You can do this!

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