When Diet Sense Prevails

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

In a moment of Diet Delirium, Dieter Donna was hit with an intense craving for what appeared to be nachos drowning in....full-blown cheese. Diet Gasp!

And no, the full-blown cheese nachos were not a mirage, rather the real deal. Luckily for Dieter Donna, she snapped to her Diet Senses and started tootsie-peddling backwards - away from Diet Disaster like a spastic crab!

When she had placed a safe distance between her and the naughty nachos, she thought, "I'm so hungry and I'm really concerned that I'm going to binge and I certainly don't want to do that. I've finally reached my weight loss goal and the last thing I want at this time is to fall off the Weight Loss Wagon and start regaining all that lost weight. And I have no doubt that my body has the ability to quickly relocate all that 'lost' weight. Oh what, oh what to do?"

Dieter Donna quickly experiences a brain storm, envisioning a healthy meal that will keep her feeling full for hours to come.

This is what she decided to put onto her lunch plate - foods that are high in fiber and protein:

Weight Loss Motivation 1 serving of canary beans for 100 calories (and the canary beans taste much like the pinto beans that Donna loves)

Weight Loss Motivation 2 cold hard-boiled eggs for 140 calories (lucky that Donna keeps a supply of these babies in a sealed container in her fridge)

Weight Loss Motivation 1 slice of whole grain bread for 70 calories

Weight Loss Motivation 1 cup of skim milk for 80 calories

Weight Loss Motivation 1 cup of fresh strawberries topped with real light whipped topping - a stellar dessert for a mere 60 skinny calories!

Total calories for Donna's rich-in-fiber, rich-in-protein meal equals 450 calories. What a Diet Deal!

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

Resisting tantalizing foods is not easy and can defeat the best of dieters, including dieters who are watching their daily diet in the area of weight maintenance.

In this-type situation (which occurs more often than not) it's important to girdle your Weight Loss Motivation as well as your Weight Maintenance Motivation around you and march away! Onward, upward to healthier foods that truly deserve your raging appetite!

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