What? No Ranch Dressing?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Young Adults Can Consume Significantly More Daily Calories Than Their Older Peers

Jason - such a strapping, handsome, fit young man! At this stage in life, he can enjoy any food that he wants to - and as much as he wants to without fear of gaining weight. Fried fish, fried fries, creamy coleslaw prepared with real Mayo. Wait! What's this? No ranch dressing!!!

Sad but so, in less time than Jason would think....his naughty Diet Days are numbered without experiencing:

Weight Loss Motivation Weight Gain

Weight Loss Motivation Digestive Issues Related to Poor Dietary Habits

Weight Loss Motivation Heart Issues Related to Fat Overload in the Daily Diet

as well as:

Weight Loss Motivation A nasty rash due to that questionable night with a girl named Sally - WAIT! That's another article. Let's get back to Jason's current unhealthy daily diet.....

Just look at Jason's plate. And right now he's a bit miffed because the waitress at the gym gave him salsa with his fried meal rather than ranch dressing.

He NEEDS that ranch dressing. Who cares that it contains well over 280 calories for a tiny 2 Tablespoons! In fact, Jason could care less about the calories and fat grams swimming on his plate right now.

After all, he's young, and he works out.

That's pure-D sweat on his arms and boulder-shoulders by the way - not misted water or baby oil.

Even so, the unfortunate story is that time will eventually catch-up with Jason and his unhealthy food choices.

The Ageing Metabolism Equals a Decrease in Metabolic Rate

As the body ages, the metabolism slows with the ageing process - even when the individual remains active.

And unless Jason's gene pool contains Genes of Steel, the ill-effects of fatty foods in his daily diet will play havoc with his heart and arteries.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

The GREAT Diet News is that if Jason begins to watch his fat consumption NOW rather than later, he could add years of good health to his life. And dietary changes can start with something as simple as choosing low calorie, no fat salsa over ranch dressing....

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