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Body weight is governed by energy consumed and energy expended.

No matter how weight loss is viewed, indeed - it's a very big 'fooding' deal....

And of course, to lose weight, an individual must consume less energy (calories) OR they must expend more energy than they are currently consuming via activity and exercise. A combination of both can assist in excelling weight loss results.

The foods that we choose to insert into our daily diet are key in our rate of success.

Stellar food choices combined with foods that suit our personal taste combined with a big dose of weight loss motivation can blow the unwanted fat right off our bodies and into the "Sea of Bye-Bye Fat Layers, Daddy's Got a Brand New Ride".

So far - so good, right? Well, at least for a span.

Weight Loss Friendly foods tend to be foods that are closest to their natural state. Natural broccoli, natural celery, natural everything! And let me tell you - whole grain toast without the gold can be difficult to enjoy - as well as difficult to cram down the old gullet. Amazing how just a smear of margarine or butter changes the composition of food, as well as adds enticing flavors.

Food Group Suggestions

Here are a few tips that can assist in making healthier, tastier choices if you're tired of the old rice cakes. And oh - why anyone would call these cardboard saucers 'cakes' is beyond Diet Sanity.

Protein Group Tips

Weight Loss Motivation Opt for fish and chicken over red meats. Diet Ix-nay on fried and battered proteins. If you enjoy franks, bacon and sausage, opt for the leanest products available. And don't cast a blind eye towards vegetable proteins. Whipped peanut butter (by Peter Pan), beans, nuts and seeds all make excellent healthy protein choices. Let's add eggs to the protein list - and take note, eggs taste lovely for breakfast, lunch and yes - even dinner time.

Meal Plan Example Featuring a Healthy Protein: Roasted chicken leg or small breast, 1 cup of green beans, 1 whole grain roll, 1 cup of shredded carrots + 1 teaspoon of golden or dark raisins + 1 teaspoon of Miracle Whip Light; 1 cup of fresh strawberries 1 glass of unsweetened iced tea (or tea sweetened with calorie free sweetener) and 1 glass of skim milk.

Dairy Group Tips

Weight Loss Motivation Where weight loss and dairy products are concerned, search for lower fat options. Take note that in the case of yogurt and milk, more than the calorie content can be sliced by making healthier, wiser weight loss choices.

Whole milk contains 150-160 calories per cup vs fat free and skim milk which contains 80-90 calories per cup. Some yogurts contain over 200 calories while a smarter choice contains less than 100 calories; another perk is that skim dairy products typically contain more calcium per serving than their full-blown counterparts. As to dairy products - such as sour cream, the dieter may prefer regular which contains 60 calories per serving over the light version of sour cream which contains 40 calories. At times, the calorie difference is too small to fret about based on personal taste. A happier, content dieter is a very successful dieter.

Meal Plan Example Featuring a Healthy Dairy Choice:

Smear a 100-calorie crusty whole grain roll or bread with light margarine and toast until golden. Smear on your favorite marinara, then add   cup of sliced mushrooms that have been sauteed in a non-stick pan with cooking spray OR add your favorite grilled veggies or even sliced olives instead; add up to 150 calories worth of low fat shredded cheese.

Return to broiler until cheese is melted.

This lower fat recipe contains about 300 calories. Also take note that this Cheesy Crusty Bread recipe contains 1 serving from the grain group, 1 serving from the fruit group (tomato base), 1 serving from the vegetable group and 2 servings from the dairy group.

Add some lean ham and this lower fat recipe that is Weight Loss Friendly will contain ALL the official food groups housed within the healthy Food Pyramid.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

Grain Group Tips

Weight Loss Motivation WHOLE grains are key and can help the dieter feel full for a longer period of time.

Meal Plan Example Featuring a Healthy Grain: Two slices of whole grain bread with the following placed in-between; lettuce, baby spinach, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, low fat cheese, a smear of mustard.

Vegetable Group Tips

Weight Loss Motivation Healthy veggies can quickly turn into unhealthy Diet Beasts when dipped in batter and fried, then dipped again in a favorite high-calorie dressing or sauce. This is 'double-dipping' at its worst. Some full-blown ranch dressings exceed 250 calories per serving - enough calories to blow Pa, Adam, Hoss, Little Joe and Hopsing right out of the Diet Saddle.

Meal Plan Example Featuring a Healthy Veggie: Enjoy a healthy mix of your favorite raw vegetables, and measure out croutons if you're planning on tossing them into the mix. In moderation, they are low in calories. Same applies for bacon bits, as well as chopped nuts, seeds and dried cranberries or raisins. Opt for a lower calorie salad dressing, or you could risk taking your healthy salad over the Diet Rainbow to Diet Hades in a flash. If you must add cheese, opt for reduced fat versions and be sure to measure serving size.

Fruit Tips

Weight Loss Motivation Fruits in their raw state are some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Transforming fruit into pies, jams, cakes, puddings and candies transforms a skinny food into a Calorie Monster. We recommend choosing the sweetest fruits available and enjoying them in their raw state - or with a splash of real whipped cream which contains the same number of calories per serving as whipped topping. The key is being able to purchase sweet fruits. The taste of a slice of high fat, high calorie strawberry cheesecake is difficult to compete with the flavor of a sweet, ripened strawberry. And who needs all that fat and calories, particularly when trying to drop unwanted weight?

In Weight Loss Summary

The foods that we choose to insert into our daily diet can equal the success or failure of our weight loss plan.

Choose foods and beverages wisely and take a trot around the block or your yard or your local park or your favorite outdoor spot (pick a safe spot while you're at it) - and do such for about 30 minutes, three times a week.

Your body and your weight scales will reward you well.

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