I'm Hot & You're Not

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Ever met someone who detests all-things-plump and who hates all-things-fat?

Yeah, me too.

And if you'll remember, these judgemental yahoos always appear so confident of their own self, of how they look and what they've achieved, particularly in regards to their superior body. Know where all that confidence comes from?

It's derived and built upon taking other people down - in taking bits and pieces from other people's worlds to build a stronger world of their own.

We Aren't Defined by What we Weigh

Some satisfaction can be reaped by knowing that if it weren't for people who experience (and have experienced) weight challenges, these so-called 'superior' beings would be out of business.

You see, when they are elevated by putting another person down, they create their own glorified, unjustified pedestal. And oh my, when they fall.....well, it just isn't pretty.

No One is Perfect, Even the Individual Who is at Their 'Perfect' Weight

Let's face facts.... NO ONE is all that.

Every human being alive passes gas, defecates, blows their nose, grooms their private areas and yes - they stink. Every human being stinks. Sure, we can hide the stink - cover up the stink, even bury the stink, but when it's all said and done, we still stink.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

The next time you encounter an individual getting high on putting another individual down because of what they weigh, don't empower them by allowing them to play in your playground. Keep in mind that you aren't a ball of yarn, and a jerk is certainly not a cool cat in any circumstance. Walk away and seize the day! You have other, worthy avenues in mind.....

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