Weight Gain & Health Risks of Fried Foods

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fried & True to Your Diet Plan

We can either move forward or backwards when it comes to our future weight.

If you want your intense weight loss efforts to GIDDY-UP!!, ditching fried foods can turn your Old Nag of a Weight Loss Plan into a Frolicking Fit Stallion!

Know what fried foods are fried in?

Fat. Yes, Pure-D fat.

Fat intensifies flavor, but of course we have so many other foods and products that make our food zippier without adding additional fat to the Weight Loss Equation. Wonderful spices, aromatic extracts, tasty vinegars, snappy peppers!

On top of the fat that fried foods are fried in, we also have that crusty batter issue. Fried foods are typically dipped into raw eggs, flour, cornmeal OR encrusted with bread crumbs before taking a lingering bath in the Old Fat Vat.

To put things into Weight Loss Prospective, one large raw onion contains 60 calories, 0.15 grams of total fat and 0.063 saturated fat grams. A serving of fried onion rings (typically, a large order at the local fast-food restaurant) contains about 500 calories, 26 total fat grams and almost 5 grams of saturated fat.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

Enjoy about 6 packs of these fried onion ring babies - and about a pound will be added to the old weight loss scales. Now that's a total bummer, and we don't need bummers while dieting.

Think Before You Choose What to Eat or Drink - Consider the Damage to Your Health & Your Bathroom Scales

Therefore, when thinking about opting for a fried food selection to insert in your daily diet plan, STOP-LOOK-LISTEN to your savvy Diet Senses! Do you really want to do that? Really, really, really? And of course, you'll know the answer when the time comes. It's a big fat NO when it comes to fried foods. Simply trot over to the healthy un-fried version.

In Weight Loss Summary

Your rewards will come in the way of weight loss results, a leaner body, a fitter you - a healthier heart, and arteries that can flow freely.

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