Food Addiction

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Surprising Thoughts From the Voice of Experience

When Weight Gain Balloons Into Tears of Obesity

Are you finding that you're to the point that you just don't care if you gain weight?

This is a situation that even many overweight people may not be able to relate to - when weight takes over and totally controls your life.

If this sounds familiar, odds are this is what is going on - and I'm speaking from the voice of experience.  

When Overeating Migrates to a State of Addiction

For the individual who is within the acceptable ranges of what is considered to be their healthy weight and they start the climb upwards, the cause of such may be due to several factors.

They may simply enjoy eating; this was the case with my father and he made no bones about it. The man absolutely loved eating; he enjoyed the flavor, the texture and the aroma of food.

Other triggers include: boredom, stress, anxiousness, illness (physician or mental, and at times, both apply) or hidden disease.

Whatever the reason, those extra pounds creep onto the body - at times slowly, at other times quite rapidly. When some people reach a certain point - they really don't care if they are fat. They keep feeding the piehole with as much food as they are able to purchase. At this point, the individual has migrated from a state of overeating and gaining - to a serious state of addiction. They could stop eating an excess if they wanted to; but they don't have any desire to do such.

When food becomes an addiction, the reaction is different in some people, than in other people - just like all addictions.

Some people may be mildly affected, while others are totally dependent on the addiction because they enjoy it so much.  They don't care if it kills them, just as long as they get to keep doing what they like to do.

That is how I was, many, many years ago.

I loved eating so much that it became the main focus in my life.  I woke up thinking about what I was going to eat that day, and I'd go to bed thinking about what I was going to eat tomorrow.

At meal time, I just didn't load up my plate, I overloaded it.  

At one time in my life, I had been extremely poor and there was no money - not even for food.  

My father had grown a garden, and had shared some of the green beans and potatoes that my mother had canned.  

Those green beans and potatoes, a bag of flour, and a bit of oil for making flour cakes with water, was the only food available. I had no knowledge of shelters, and places that would provide help.

After that time, I promised myself that I would never go hungry again - and that's when the big weight gain fuse was lit - combined with a few other things in my life at the time.  And somewhere along the way, things picked up speed to a point where I was totally out of control with my eating.

I was able to overcome obesity, to lose weight, to gain better health on my own - but I had to reach a point to where I wanted to lose weight more than I wanted to overeat.  And I made some very big mistakes that could have cost me my life - and I don't want that to happen to any of my readers.

The situation described above is again something that many overweight people may not understand. There are tiers of obesity that explain my belief - and many times, tears of obesity.  Obesity Tiers