The Obesity Tiers
Help in Defining Your Obesity Tier

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

There are many stages of obesity.  

An individual doesn't go from 'acceptable weight' straight into the Gates of Obesity.  Many time, it is a slow process - one that occurs over several years.

People suffering from obesity are at varied stages in regards to the amount of weight they need to lose.  Some may have only a handful of pounds to lose, while others may be in need of losing hundreds of pounds.  

I hope that my illustration below is of help to you in determining Obesity Levels and that the solutions we list are of great assistance to you, our beloved readers.  The Obesity Tiers are based on my experience as an obese individual, at one point over 100 pounds over my acceptable weight.

I would also like to say that the Symptoms of Obesity are untouched by the Health World.  One is diagnosed as being Obese simply by sight.  I'm here to say, there are definitely Symptoms of Obesity.  Furthermore, the Symptoms of Obesity intensify with weight gain - so the more weight that is packed on, the more pronounced, and sometimes severe, that the Symptoms of Obesity become.

As a note, I define 'acceptable weight' as the weight that a doctor would find acceptable to a patient based on height, age and sex.  Please note that overall weight should be based on these factors PLUS several more, including heredity.

TIER 1 - Obesity  Up To 25 Pounds Overweight

The individual has gained up to 25 pounds over their acceptable weight.  The weight gain probably goes unnoticed by those around them, but may be something that a friend or relative may notice if they haven't visited with the individual since the weight gain.

The weight gain may also be easily concealed by making use of savvy clothing, such as a vest, sweaters, house dresses, floats or other  loose clothing.

Tier 1 Obesity doesn't affect a healthy  individual to a great degree - generally speaking.

Diet & Health Solution/ Direction:  Get on a weight loss plan NOW. Do not pass up this opportunity or you risk reaching the Tier 2 Obesity stage.  As a bold example, take a look at the people you know in your life.  Think about those who are overweight.  If they have not made an effort to lose weight, did they remain the same weight over time OR did they gain?  

You need to experience many things in life - but please don't experience Tier 2 Obesity.

TIER 2 - Obesity  Up To 50 Pounds Overweight

The individual has gained up to 50 pounds over their acceptable weight.  The weight gain is becoming the focus of friends, family and co-workers of the individual because this much weight gain is definitely noticeable.

During Tier 2 Obesity, the individual may feel more tired than usual; they may also experience the following Symptoms of Tier 2 Obesity: mental fog,  gastric upset - including flatulence, belching, tummy upset; more bowel movements than normal, and they may also feel a good deal of frustration over their weight and appearance.  Difficulty sleeping and excess sweating are also common symptoms of Tier 2 Obesity.

At this point, the Tier 2 individual is at risk for developing high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, heart issues and diabetes.

Odds are great that the Tier 2 individual is searching for a diet plan that will get the weight off quickly.  A diet plan that works!

Diet & Health Solution/ Direction:  Do not delay - start losing weight NOW - not tomorrow, or next week or Monday.  Do it now!  Visit your doctor, get the facts, ask for any medications that might be of help - and get the weight off.  Most importantly DO NOT REGAIN! Tier 3  | Tier 4