Little Things Add Up to
Weight Gain & Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Getting Larger Over the Years

Once a lady named Sky was very thin and trim.  

Then one day, she gazed into her looking glass and was shocked to discover that several layers of fat had took over her little body.  

How the Diet Heck did this happen?

Think of the situation like this....  

A spool of thread represents all the foods that Sky ate in order to reach a larger size.  It didn't happen overnight, rather slowly as time went by. It didn't take hours, days, weeks, or months - rather years upon years to collect.

If we take the thread on the spool and lay it in a line on the ground, it takes a good deal of time to get the thread wrapped around the spool.

So a little indulgence here and a little there can really add up over time to represent the spool of thread. While it started out as a tiny string that was barely noticeable - over time it grew fat and quite visible.

This is the same way with weight loss. It takes time to drop the extra weight that we've 'grown' onto our bodies.  

Breaking Out of the Mold to Reveal Our 'Thinner Inner'

Let's compare this with our spool of thread again.

If we take a piece of thread and wrap it around Sky, she can break the thread in a flash. However, if we wind the thread around her again and again and again, she can try as hard as she can, but she can't break the thread.

When weight is gained, it's always best to get it off as soon as possible, because the more that there is to lose, the more difficult it is to lose.

And always keep in mind, like Sky, that a little can really add up to a lot quickly.

In addition, the longer that body fat remains on the body - the more stubborn it is to get off. Some of this has to do with time-itself because as we age, our cells don't perform as well as they did in our younger years. Nor does our heart or other vital organs. Nor does our metabolism. As we age, it slows.

No matter how much we work out - we simply cannot win where age is involved. It's nature at work and as we know, she can be both kind and cruel. While we live and enjoy life - the end-payment is always death - the great sacrifice.

But most importantly, while we are here, we can work to make the very best of time by being as healthy as possible. And that includes being active - as well as watching what we put through the lips and onto our hips.

While an ageing body doesn't perform as well as it did (or could have when in tip-top shape), when we are in good health - as well as fit, it's certainly going to perform at a much higher level than if we're not, that's for certain.