TIER 3 - Obesity  Up To 75 Pounds Overweight

The individual has gained up to 75 pounds over their acceptable weight.  

At this point, the health status of the individual is hugely influenced by the Gene Pool of the individual.  This much weight is extremely hard on the body and health risks are greatly increased.

Health Risks

Blood pressure may be elevated because the body is taxed. An individual's heart was intended to efficiently pump for a certain weight and is now overloaded because of the necessity of having to work harder than intended to get the job done.

Do to higher content of fat and sweets in the diet, the body may also be suffering in other areas - from dental decay to clogged arteries. Tier 3 Symptoms of Obesity also include the Symptoms of Tier 2 Obesity.

The individual becomes more frustrated and determined to lose the excess weight.

At this stage of obesity, odds are, they have been on several diets in their life time.

Some may have worked, but weight gain ensured at some point again.  

Or, they may have visited a lot of diet plans - losing ten pounds and gaining back fifteen - and so forth.

In my situation, I would lose weight, then when I got off my diet and I would start to regain, I would think, "I've weighed 185 pounds before and I weigh 170 pounds now, so I can gain up to 15 pounds."  I know that this sounds crazy, but it's how the mind works within the obese individual in many cases - not just mine.

In Tier 3 Obesity, it is critical that the individual identify the reason OR reasons why they can't achieve permanent weight loss and take action on those issues. If weight loss and weight maintenance cannot be attained, the individual is at great risk in gaining more weight, and reaching a stage were obesity is pretty much, uncontrollable without professional help - and even then, maybe not. We are referring to Tier 4 Obesity.

Diet & Health Solution/ Direction:  

Keep in mind that dieting poses a risk of increased obesity particularly to the Tier 3 individual.  As referenced above, many times the dieter will lose weight, then get off the diet plan, then regain more than they lost.  It's time to seek professional help and get the weight off quickly and safely.  Get on a weight loss plan   Join a gym. Plan out those daily menus.  Get focused.  Do it!  Tiers 1-2 | Tier 4

Quick Weight Loss Though Being Diet Catty

A smart diet constitutes quick weight loss as well as safe weight loss.  Here are just a few savvy diet tips that will help get you down the Diet Path a little quicker:

- Natural foods equate to faster weight loss because they are more easily as well as efficiently processed by our bodies.

- Eating breakfast works to jumpstart your metabolism for the day. In addition, you'll be the sharpest tack at work because breakfast stimulates the mind.

- Eat foods that work to stay with you for hours at a time rather than minutes at a time.  A breakfast of oatmeal over a breakfast of three donuts will see a body more satisfied until the lunch bell rings.

- Invite Exercise into your life.  That doesn't mean that you'll have pour buckets of sweat and smell like liniment the following day due to those achy muscles.  

A brisk 15 minute walk each day will get the heart rate up and you'll not only fell like a million bucks, you'll look like a million bucks as well.

- Plan to eat at regular intervals throughout the day to avoid being tempted and swayed by the binges.

Little Things Add Up To Weight Gain