TIER 4 - Obesity  Rising  
100 Pounds Or More Overweight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Over 100 Pounds Overweight

The individual has gained 100 or more pounds over their acceptable weight.  At this stage, all the Symptoms of Obesity from Tier 1 to Tier 3 may be presented in the overweight individual.

The individual may feel overwhelmed and like they have so much weight to lose - it's impossible.  

I assure you - it's not impossible! I accomplished results that exceeded 100 pounds. Sure, it was not easy, but I did achieve permanent weight loss success.

Would I recommend anyone to lose weight on their own like I did? If you are highly motivated to the point that I was - then yes, you can succeed. It was a much different feeling that I'd ever had. I wanted my self-esteem back. I didn't want to worry about getting ill or dying anymore because I was too fat. I was ready to succeed.

But IF you aren't at that point you probably will need help - not go cold turkey like I did. At this stage, only a professional health care giver should offer guidance for weight loss. Diet Bites can offer healthy advice, give tips that can assist - but when one is addicted to food to the extent that they have exceeded 100 pounds of weight gain, they are best served by seeking professional assistance that can be provided in person.

Countless times, people will sacrifice for others, but when it comes to their own self, they just won't do that.  Yes, it does take some sacrificing to achieve weight loss - but you are surely worth that! Tiers 1-2 | Tier 3

How to Boost Metabolism

Are you a bit confused these days when it comes to metabolism boosting?  Can an individual really crank up their metabolism into high gear and pull some g's along the road to Weight Loss Success?

With metabolism boosting pills here, metabolism booster books there, tips, tricks and even a bit of sweat-drenching exercise on the Metabolism Boosting Menu these days, an individual can certainly find confusion amid this metabolism-rich world - even if they can't find a way to boost their metabolism.  

Setting the confusion aside, here are a few articles at Diet Bites relating to Metabolism that might help sort out the Metabolism Mystery:

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