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Weight Gain During Life Cycles, Ages

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Do you know when you first begin to gain weight?  

During childhood? Did your weight gain occur after pregnancy, or after you quit smoking? Or did you put on weight after going through a particularly trying time?

Gathering these clues can help solve your Weight Gain Mystery, as well as provide revealing keys that will help you open the door to Weight Loss Success!

circle09_red.gifOutside of juvenile obesity, weight gain is triggered by specific things occurring at certain points in our lives. When weight gain occurs during childhood, it's a sign that the gene pool is at work. More likely than not either one or both parents are struggling with weight gain issues.

The good news is that by adding more activity into the child's daily schedule - which may mean less television, computer games and playing online, combined with a healthier daily diet can put those unhealthy pounds to rest.

Never Force Weight Loss as This Can Strengthen Resistance

As a note, never force your child to lose weight as this can be very difficult on their self-esteem and they will most likely balk at the suggestion.

As the adult parent, you can quite smoothly slip activities into your child's life that he or she will enjoy. As to their daily menu, schools limit portion sizes so the weight gain issues are more likely happening at homes, perhaps due to second helpings at meal time, the types of foods being prepared or snack time which holds dessert such as cookies, cupcakes and candy rather than fresh fruit.

Because you are in charge of the meals as well as purchasing the snacks, make them healthy for your child's health. The most convenient snack around is fruit; it comes in its own healthy container.

When Weight Gain Occurs, Situations in Life

circle09_red.gifWhen weight gain issues occur in early adulthood it may stem from a new unhealthy diet - much different than the one that mom and dad served at home. If weight gain isn't stopped and taken control of, the young adult may have overweight issues follow them the rest of their life.

circle09_red.gifIf the weight began after pregnancy, after the age of forty or after quitting tobacco, these are all things that can trigger those extra pounds.

To remedy, focus on a healthy daily diet and find an activity that you enjoy doing.

This will assist in getting you back to your recommended weight. But you must stick with the activity and the healthy diet because those pounds are always in the wings, ready to fly back onto your body when you aren't focusing.

circle09_red.gifIf the weight crept slowly onto the body, as ageing occurs there is a natural slow-down in our metabolic rate. You may need to trim a few calories from you daily diet as you continue to age in order to retain your recommended weight.

circle09_red.gifIf weight has occurred suddenly, it's time to meet with your doctor. There are a few diseases such as diabetes and thyroid imbalances which can trigger weight gain and that are very controllable or fairly simple to treat.

In Summary, Achieving Healthy Weight

It's always important to keep in mind that a healthy body that is at recommended weight belongs to anyone who wants to achieve such. Our daily diet - the foods and drinks that we consume as well as our activity levels are personal decisions and the choices we make are reflected on our weight scales.

No matter what you currently weigh, you can reach your recommended weight. I'm living proof of such and you can be too!

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