The Weight Loss Coach: That Bland Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Have you ever been excited about anything bland in your life?

Of course.... excepting on those unfortunate occasions when you don't feel so hot and something bland really hits the spot.

Other than that, from foods to movies, if they aren't exciting - they're boring and they just don't hold our interest for long.

A bland diet produces the same reaction from dieters.  If the diet is boring and lacks excitement and flavor, we just aren't going to keep on making ourselves miserable.

What to Do About the Boring Diet Plan

If you find that your diet is so boring that you want to run and hide from it, perhaps the following suggestions might be of help:

Time to drag out the BIG guns - the spices and extracts. A boring piece of broiled chicken will kick up its leg and do the he-be-je-be when it gets a thin dusting of mellow spices.

Think about what spices work well with chicken. Rosemary, thyme and ground chili powder pop to mind along with curry and ground cumin. You can take your chicken in a thousand (or more) different directions by using different combinations of spices. And you can do such without adding additional dietary fat and caloric values.

It will also dance to the delight of light jams OR fresh fruits that have been reduced into low calorie glazes. Try painting that roasted chicken leg with a little light peach jam and see what happens. Oh my, you notorious chicken, you.

Sauces don't have to be high in calories or fat.  

A creamy sauce might also help fire up some interesting flames. Flatten a small boned chicken breast, then pan fry with salt and pepper until golden brown. For a new twist, sprinkle on lemon pepper along with cracked pepper. The combination is delicious and yes, a bit pretty.

Wait. We're not quite done yet, although our chicken has cooked to a light golden brown stage.

Remove the golden brown chicken and top with sauteed frozen spinach and diced onion. You can add a few sliced mushrooms to the saute pan if you wish. I do love a good mushroom.

Next, add a slice of skim mozzarella cheese or your favorite reduced fat cheese and you'll have a delicious cheesy chicken that will keep you satisfied for several hours to come. Who says that meals have to be 'cheap' when it comes to flavor and portion size?

Rethinking Beverages While Dieting

Beverages can add a brand new layer to your dieting experience. If you're stuck on the same low calorie drink, reach for something with a higher kick.

When you feel like you just don't want to cook for the day, you can still enjoy fast food as well as fine dining food while on your weight loss plan. Simply require a nutrition guide and keep your calories reasonable.

Fast Food Dining While Dieting

If you visit Taco Bell or Taco Bueno, order their basic tacos for about 200 calories each and add salsa. If you go to McDonald's then order the fish sandwich for about 400 calories. Subway? Oh my, they have so many delicious, low calorie selections on their menu. Order from the '6 Grams of Fat or Less' section of their menu.

When only a burger will do, choose a small one from the kid's menu. As to pasta, it contains about 200 calories per cup as does rice. This can assist when those nutrition guides we mentioned aren't available.

Mixing up your diet plan will keep it interesting and exciting thus making you One Happy Dieter!

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