Lack of Endurance to Stay on Weight Loss Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Lack of Endurance & Dieting

This short story is an example of how the 'lack of endurance' can foil Weight Loss Plans....

Dick had decided that he wanted an awesome deck to stretch out over the back yard.  His girlfriend Lolita had asked him if he would please help her with a few projects around her house, first.

Being the nice guy that Dick was, he obliged.  And keeping Lolita happy equaled keeping Dick happy.

Lolita had him hanging wallpaper, replacing floors and repairing the plumbing - so by the time that Dick got Lolita's needs out of the way, he suddenly found that he wasn't wanting an awesome deck anymore.  

A small patio would do - something like a few bricks set in sand. After all, he only needed a space where he could set out a nice table and chairs with an umbrella, with his grill nearby.  Perhaps a fire pit, too.

While Dick was visiting the home repair center, he began to think about all the work ahead of him.  Tried from his rendezvous with Girlfriend Lolita, he thought, "Why do I need a brick inlayed spot for the outdoor furniture?  I'll just use the good old ground."

And after he looked at the outdoor furniture, he discovered that he had to put it together. Bummer.  Then his attention was captured by a deluxe grill that he instantly fell in love with.  Why, it was almost as pretty as Lolita!  A lot less work, too.....

So Dick loaded up the deluxe grill into his vehicle along with four plastic chairs and a matching plastic table and headed for home to set up his new outdoor playhouse.  But my, cooking on that grill was going to be fun!

Aggressive Diets Generally Fail

Dieters start out so perky and aggressive, seeking to conquer fat. But as time goes by, many tired dieters decide that they are willing to settle for much less.

Day-to-day life becomes a reality again, foiling many of the plans that were set out at the beginning of the diet.  Those 'Lolitas' can really damage and even destroy a diet.

At the start of a diet plan, we advice that the dieter shoot for plastic chairs and a plastic table and build their way up to that deck and fire pit.

Small Goals Best Combined With Steady Slower Rate of Weight Loss

Achieving small goals along the course of the diet is a fantastic way to keep dieting interesting and vibrant - and several small successful goals equal one really big successful goal!

Defeat always makes one feel tired, but winners always seem to be filled with plenty of energy to do the Victory Dance.

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