When Weight Isn't Coming Off Fast Enough

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

I Lost Over 100 Pounds Some Twenty Years Ago

When I was on my final weight loss journey and dropped over 100 pounds, I didn't feel that the weight could come off quick enough. Whenever I got discouraged, I told myself, 'Your mind is already there; your body just needs to catch up!'

During those months of dieting, I did some really stupid things - like eating nothing but a small breakfast for one month, then fasting totally for three days during that month when I felt the weight wasn't coming off quick enough.

Even though I put my very life at risk, my rate of weight loss averaged 2 pounds per week.

After my Diet Daredevil experience, I realized that I could have lost the weight while eating a healthy diet! Virtually, I had sent my metabolism into Rescue Mode, slowing it to a snail's pace.

Weight Gain & Damage to the Body

And then it dawned on me just how much I had risked, and of the damage I had done to my body.  

So I would highly recommend to dieters that they stick to a weight loss plan that encourages a healthy daily diet with a reduced calorie intake.

How reduced?

Over the course of my Obese Life, I had a few doctors that wanted to put me on a 1,000 calorie per day diet, and one who wanted to kick off that diet with a three-day fast.  All the foods had to be boiled or poached.  

It was truly terrible and because the diets were so restricted, I soon fell off the Diet Wagon and not only regained what little weight I had lost, I also gained even more weight!

Setting Daily Calories Too Low, Dangerous Situation

I truly feel that any diet plan that is below 1,300-1,350 calories is a nutsy coo-coo diet.  And if the individual has a lot of weight to lose, it's really nutsy coo-coo.  Age, gender, activity levels, muscle mass - these all impact our daily calorie needs.

Doctors can be instrumental in our overall health, but we must also use our good senses when it comes to our bodies.  A good personal example: I was once six-months pregnant and the doctor said it was a false pregnancy.

A few days before he was going to do surgery, I told him that I felt movement in my tummy.  He did a sonogram to protect himself, I'm sure - and there was a baby on the screen!  A week later, I lost the baby.

It was an emotional awakening, a truly terrible experience.  And I suppose that most individuals would have filed a suit against the doctor, but for me it was a wake-up call.  I realized at that point that doctors are human, just like me, and that they are not infallible.

A calorie intake that is too low can do permanent damage to the body.

In fact, if Dieter Kay needed to lose 40 pounds, if she reduced her calories to what she would eat at her reduced weight - the weight would come off gradually.  

Therefore, a calorie-reduced diet is merely a quicker mode of taking off the extra weight.

So I would say to anyone trying to lose weight to try to exercise patience.  Losing weight takes time, and it can be frustrating.

Some encouraging news that might help is that in my own personal experience, as well as in the individuals that I've helped lose weight lose weight over the years who had more than 50 pounds to lose, I noticed that 10 pounds would come off slowly, then the next 10 would really melt off.  Then the next 10 would come off slowly again.  And the next 10 - super fast.

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