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Diabetes & the Obesity Connection

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diabetes & Obesity

Recent reports indicate that the increase in cases of diabetes is strongly connected with the obesity epidemic. It's an excellent idea to get tested if any of your relatives have been diagnosed with diabetes - whether you are overweight, or not.

Although diabetes is a major cause of death, it generally progresses to an aggressive, crippling disease that sends its victims through a maze of health issues - attacking one part of the body, then moving on to the next.

I saw the damage firsthand that diabetes can inflict over a 30-year period with my father.

Over time, he had to have one of his toes amputated and was quite lucky to have kept his foot and his leg.

Diabetes Causes Blindness Among Other Ills

Diabetes eventually took his vision.  Once an avid gardener, he was held prisoner inside the dark, spending most of his last days listening to books, music and movies.

In the end, diabetes contributed to kidney failure and eventually heart failure which led to a 23-day dance with death that was very difficult not only for my father, but also for the family.

In between the time that he lost his vision and his life, he battled liver ailments, anemia, and high potassium levels - something that the general public might find difficult to understand.  We hear more about the necessity of getting more potassium into our daily diets than about incidents of high potassium levels.  And high potassium levels can be lethal.

My father loved to eat and relied heavily on the insulin setting his body straight.  Rather than watch what he ate, he ate all he wanted, then loaded up with insulin to counteract the food.

His family, nor his many doctors were able to harness his love of eating.  And that 50 or so extra pounds that he could never seem to lose played a big factor in his struggle with diabetes.

If you have diabetes, I hope you will do your best to monitor this often frightening disease.  Please take it seriously.  By doing such, you can reduce your risks and avoid potential problems down the road.

Sensible Basic Tips for Diabetics

Drop extra weight

Keep blood sugar levels under control

Eat a healthy diet

Don't smoke

Visit your doctor regularly

Visit your optometrist regularly

Visit your podiatrist regularly

Remain active

Talk with your medical doctor about keeping a supply of tablets on hand should your sugar reach low levels because this can be extremely damaging to the heart.

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