Weight Loss Tips for Non Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Looking to drop pounds or healthy-up without going on an official diet plan?  Then we've got a few hot zingers just for you to help shrink that belt buckle down a few notches.

The Tube vs the Food

Dine in peace. Although it's fun to watch television while eating, the entertainment places our focus on the tube rather than the food. By making the food the star of your attention, you'll be less apt to crave snacks later.  

An exciting clip on television (or in a video game) may flair up juices in the tummy, as well as spark nerves in the brain.  And a meal is best enjoyed when we are relaxed - in the middle of LaLa Land.  And who wants to see a monster get it's little head blown off while they are trying to wine and dine?

So snuggle up to a cozy table decked out in candlelight; or perch on a beach outdoors to enjoy your meal.  

Taking advantage of claiming Meal Time as Your Time also encourages us to savor the flavor and to chew more thoroughly, thus aiding digestion and reducing risk of tummy woes.  

Wipe the Slate Clean

Once you settle in to eat, rather than load-up your plate with what you want to eat, try changing your meal plan to:

"I'll start with one piece of meat OR one large spoon of potatoes OR one helping of pasta OR one slice of bread OR one smear of butter."

If you're still hungry, you can always go back for more.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

We've addressed the 'eat' and 'be merry' aspects of dining, but what about the 'drink'?  Many times the drink contains more calories than the meal.  Take these calorie culprits:

watermelon02_red.gif TEA:

One cup of sweet tea contains about 100 calories.  Most glasses these days hold three or more cups and when we're eating particularly salty foods OR when the weather is warm outside, we may enjoy two or more glasses of sweet iced tea.  Try going unsweetened.

watermelon02_red.gif NON-DIET SODA & JUICE:

One cup of most sugary sodas contain about 150 calories.  Want to juice up your health? Juice up carefully because juice contains about the same amount of calories as sugary soda.  The plus is the healthful nutrients found in juice. Try grabbing fresh fruit instead and opting for water and lemon at meal time.

watermelon02_red.gif One 12-ounce McDonald's Triple Thick Chocolate Shake contains about 440 calories and 76 carbs.  Make that a 16-ounce and we're up to 580 calories and 102 carbs. Try one cup of skim milk instead that has been laced with a few ice chips, some vanilla extract, a few frozen strawberries, then whirled in the blender - all for about 100 calories.

The Rabbit Approach to Weight Loss

Enjoy a nice side salad BEFORE focusing on your plate.  Salad mix: 1 cup of shredded lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes, some sliced cucumber, grated carrots and a teaspoon of grated cheese.  Serve with a teaspoon of your favorite salad dressing.

Soup's On!

If you're not warming up to the rabbit side of you, try swimming in a cup of soup before focusing on your plate. Enjoy with 5 saltines.

Hide From Fried

Opt for foods that have been roasted, grilled, broiled, boiled and poached rather than those than have taken a dunk in oil.

Night Owl Snacks

Hot air popcorn is a great choice for snack time, as are any of the following:

watermelon02_red.gif Fresh fruit;

watermelon02_red.gif Skim or low fat milk & animal cookies;

watermelon02_red.gif Graham crackers;

watermelon02_red.gif Yogurt;

watermelon02_red.gif Jerky;

watermelon02_red.gif Baked chips.


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