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Quick Healthy Snacks for Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Need a quick snack that won't blow the top - or the bottom for that matter off your weight loss plan?

One of your best choices based on calories is to stock-up on the 100 calorie snacks that have popped-up at your local market. However - to every positive there is a negative, right? And when it comes to convenience, not all of the snacks are super healthy.

However, unless you have a particular health condition - such as diabetes, these pre-packaged snacks work very well in quelling the appetite - yes, even the cookies and the dessert type varieties.

Other quick snacks include those foods found in the official food groups. Here are a few of our favorites - which make quick grabs with a little preparation in some cases:

Protein Group Snacks for Dieters

Protein grams assist in quelling hunger pains, allowing you to last longer without eating.

When you think about protein - think about nuts. They come in their own Mother Nature of packages so unless they fell off the tree or bush some time back, the freshness is sealed in naturally.

Another great protein choice that comes in its natural wrapper is seeds - specifically pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. They take a while to enjoy, so that is an added bonus.

And yet another sealed protein-rich food is a boiled egg. Other than the egg, nuts, seeds or a serving of beef or turkey jerky you may have to use your head to stimulate on-the-go snacks. Surprisingly, many cereals contain a significant amount of protein and make good choices for this Food Group.

Varieties of tuna that come pre-packaged and that are available in several different flavors also make an excellent protein choice. And keep leftover pan or oven-roasted meats such as chicken breast on hand can also make for fast snacks.

Grain Group Snacks for Dieters

What is the first thing that most dieters think of when it comes to the Grain Group? Rice cakes. And if not rice cakes, then popcorn cakes. These little babies taste much better than they did when they originally hit the marketplace. And in the new world of dieting, they come in a myriad of flavors.

Other quick snacks in the Grain Group include whole grain crackers, a small whole grain bagel or even a one-half cup of prepared noodles. Simply warm the noodles in the microwave, sprinkle with cracked pepper and enjoy. You can add 1/2 a serving of light margarine for 20 calories so the total caloric value is about 100 calories.

Other quick snacks in this food group include tortillas - both corn and flour, a slice of whole grain bread spread with 1/2 serving of the reduced fat margarine and a small slice of sponge cake. However, take note that the cake is more egg white than grain, although most recipes will have a minimal amount.

Vegetable Group Snacks for Dieters

The Vegetable Universe is vast but dieters tend to avoid taking full use of this great food group, keeping their choices limited to carrots, celery, cucumbers and cabbage. The great news is that all of these are excellent, healthy choices holding the tiniest of calories.

Be sure to wash ahead of time in store in ready-to-go plastic bags so that you can see the vegetables peeking through.

In addition, try to think outside of the box. While cucumbers are delicious, they can become boring over time. That's when you can shake things up and reach for a cucumber prepared in another state - a dill, sweet or sour pickle. Pickled okra is also fabulous for snack time or pickled beets served with a boiled egg. The caloric value for both is about 100 calories per serving.

Fruit Group Snacks for Dieters

Fresh yummy goodness which comes locked inside its own natural container. What more could a dieter want or even dream about - other than chocolate cake, of course. From apricots to watermelon, the pickings are rich while remaining low in calories.

Dairy Group Snacks for Dieters

The dieter has an almost limitless amount of choices from this healthy food group - from a cup of reduced fat milk to a slice of cheese to whipped cream cheese spread on whole grain crackers or into a stalk of celery - or reduced fat cottage cheese. And let's not forget about all the delicious flavors of low calorie yogurt these days. Hey...I think I'm going to go and grab one....

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