When Weight Gain Strikes Suddenly

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Quick Weight Gain May Expose Hidden Health Problems

If you have been intentionally trying to gain weight, quick weight gain is a normal result of your efforts.

If you experience a quick weight gain and realize that you have been consuming than usual, the weight gain is a normal response to indulgence.

However, if you should mysteriously put on ten or more pounds within a short space, the situation necessitates a visit to your doctor to rule out underlying health problems.

The following may cause quick weight gain, but don't panic because odds are, your quick weight gain is a result of too many calories - something that should only be verified by your doctor.

Often times we're concerned about the worst but things end up being totally okay with our body.

Common Causes of Weight Gain, Natural Causes & Hidden Health Conditions

- Pregnancy: This will naturally generate healthy weight gain.

- Diabetes: While most diabetics experience weight loss as a chief symptom that something wrong, some will experience weight gain.

- Hormone Imbalance: A more common culprit of unexplained weight gain.

-Thyroid/Metabolism Issue: When the metabolism is out of whack, it impacts body weight.

- Allergies: A less common trigger of weight gain.

- Digestive Issues: The way we feel impacts the way that we eat. Even when our digestive system is out of balance and we're feeling poorly, at times we'll turn to food to ease our pain and to soothe the savage beast. And when we do such, most of the time we end up making matters even worse.

- Excessive sodium intake will also prompt a false reading on the scales up to 3-4 pounds.

3 Excellent & Easy Weight Loss Tips

1. Enjoy 3 healthy meals per day based on the official Food Pyramid Groups. Starving equals slow weight loss rather than quick weight loss results.

2. Include a salad mix of healthy greens sprinkled with light salad dressing or balsamic vinegar or a serving of healthy soup to start off your meal.

3. Foods that remain closest to their 'Mother Nature' state contain the fewest calories and fat grams. Sauces, gravies, dressings, oils - including butter and margarine assist in magnifying calorie content.

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