Weight Gain That Began After Quitting Smoking

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Unhealthy Smoking Gun, Health Issues Related to Smoking

One of the negative things about smoking is that it has lasting effects on the body which unfortunately includes weight gain. Here are the chief reasons why weight gain occurs after quitting smoking:

- Nicotine influences metabolic rate by increasing the speed at which calories are burned, therefore the ex-smoker has a slower metabolism.

- Insulin levels are suppressed by nicotine thus stroking up those sweet desires.  

- Smoking is a habit. When the ex-smoker reaches for that pack of smokes and they aren't there, they generally transfer those desires to food. At this point the mouth needs to be occupied and as their aren't any smokes to do such, food presents the opportunity.

- Stress triggers weight gain. Kicking the smoking habit is stressful and eating is a common spontaneous reaction to stress.  

Even worrying about weight gain is enough to drive the ex-smoker to the pantry in search of answers. And of course, they won't find any there; but if they continue to add more and more stress to the situation they will find some extra unwanted pounds on their bathroom scales.

Awakened Taste Buds After Quitting Smoking, Weight Gain Issues

- After the smoker quits, the taste buds awake and everything suddenly tastes wonderful to the ex-smoker, thus prompting overeating. The sense of smell is also heightened; it's akin to the feeling that many of us get when we walk into a movie theater and the popcorn machine is pumping out those fluffy, lovely scented kernels.

- Our hottest tip for fighting weight gain after smoking is to meet with the family doctor. There are so many new medications on the horizon today that not only work to help smokers kick the unhealthy habit, but that help in curbing appetite and weight gain after quitting smoking.

The short list above that outlines common reasons for weight gain after quitting smoking, signal the triggers of weight gain. Here are a few suggestions that might work in keeping weight gain off your back - and hips and thighs, as well!

Tips to Keep Weight Managed After Quitting Smoking

Naturally speed up your metabolism by incorporating activity into your daily routine. The next time that you feel like you are going to reach into that kitchen pantry for something, pause and take a ten minute walk. Even a five minute brisk walk can assist in regrouping your thoughts and rethinking your decision to eat something before meal or snack time. And activity also assists in curbing appetite.

When sweet desires hit, reach for natural sugars as those found in fruits. If you opt for canned fruits, make sure that they are packed in their sweet natural juices. And if you drink your fruit, make certain that your juice is reduced in sugar grams. This makes all the difference where caloric values are concerned.

When reaching for that familiar pack that isn't there, reach for a stick of gum or breath mints instead which tend to be low in calories, and which will nicely fill up the empty slot where the smokes once lived. You'll also be entertaining your mouth, thus satisfying a duel desire.

When stress strikes, work it out. Discover activities that sand away stress such as reading, gardening, watching a favorite movie or taking a leisurely walk. If those sound boring, then heighten your senses by viewing before and after photos of smoker's lungs. If that doesn't do the trick....

If your taste buds have awoken, keep in mind that you can enjoy more of that tasty food later in the day - or tomorrow. And now that you've quit smoking - you're apt to have a lot more of those tomorrows.

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