Weight Gain That Begins During Childhood

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Addressing the Most Common Blockades for Dieters

One may assume that whenever an individual experiences an overweight period as a child that it is a direct influence of their gene pool. Mom might be overweight, but Dad may be trim OR Dad may be the trim one OR both parents may be overweight.  

Whatever the situation, it's a good idea to have the overweight child tested for diabetes, as well as other health issues that the pediatrician might feel is contributing to the weight gain.

One should never assume that the extra weight is a result of the gene pool alone.

When all health issues are put to rest, and the Weight Gain Trigger appears to point to the gene pool, it doesn't mean that a child is doomed to a life of obesity.

So many other things impact weight such as activity level - and most importantly, the daily diet.  In fact, the daily diet is our most powerful weapon against obesity.

And when coupled with an active lifestyle, it may be a bit harder for the individual who got stuck with the crummy genes to maintain a healthy weight - but it can certainly be accomplished.

So many choices in the daily diet - and so many challenges!  

If you have been battling weight since childhood, take heart in knowing that you have the power to turn your weight around. Take a good look at your daily diet. Keep track of everything you chew and drink for 3 days. Divide the food up into your three standard meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Write down the snacks that you ate.

After three days, what did you learn about your current daily diet?

Were there more than three snacks per day? Were they small snacks or large snacks. A small snack would be a piece of fresh fruit, a rice cake, a serving of pretzels or a serving of lean beef jerky. A large snack with be chips and dip, a package of cupcakes, a soda and a candy bar or a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

What about your meals?

Did you stick to single servings? How big were your serving sizes? How many different foods did you have on your plate? Were your foods close to their natural states such as steamed? Or were they highly processed foods such as macaroni and cheese? Did you plate contain fried foods?

What about your beverages? How big is your drinking container? Other than water and low calorie beverages, how many beverages did you have throughout each day that contained significant calories?

Cutting Sugar & Fat

If you find you are enjoying far too many refined sugars (donuts, cake, muffins, cookies) try switching those out for natural sugars such as apples, bananas, pears, peaches and plums.

If you find that you are eating too much fat, try cutting your fat intake in half and of course, avoid fried foods. Use half the butter or margarine that you currently use if you don't like the reduced fat varieties.

Healthier Cooking Methods

Try roasting, grilling, boiling, broiling or baking meats rather than frying them.  No - they might not be as tasty, but it only takes a short time to wolf our food down.  But we are locked into our weight 24-7.  

If you find that you are drinking a lot of sugary beverages, switch those for water - or at least cut consumption in half.

In Summary

Losing weight isn't about making one big change, rather about making many small changes. In the area of losing weight, those small changes can add up to some significant differences such as lower numbers on your bathroom scales.

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