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Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Zinc

0 to 6 months, 2 milligrams

7 months to 3 years, 3 milligrams

4 -8 years, 5 milligrams

9 to 13 years old, 8 milligrams

Males 14 years and older, 11 milligrams

Females 14 to 18 years, 9 milligrams

Females 19 years and older - 8  milligrams

Pregnant females age 18 and younger,12 milligrams and lactating moms - 13 milligrams

Pregnant females age 19 and older,11 milligrams and lactating moms- 12 milligrams

Deficiency Signs & Symptoms of Zinc

Impaired sense of taste and/or smell, depression, lack of appetite, weakened immunity, and growth development in children.

Toxicity Signs & Symptoms of Zinc

Metallic, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, stomach pain, cramps, bloody  diarrhea.

Best Food Sources

Oysters, cereal, baked beans, beef, crab, giblets, fast food taco, trail mix.

Best Food Sources for Zinc Benefits

Food Source

Serving Size

MG Content

Oysters, eastern

6 medium, raw


Kellogg's Product 19

1 cup


General Mills, Total

3/4 cup


General Mills, Corn Flakes

1 1/3 cup


General Mills, Raisin Bran

1 cup


General Mills, Wheaties

1 cup


Baked Beans

1 cup, cooked


Beef, chuck roast

3 ounces, lean meat only


Giblets, Chicken

1 cup, cooked


Taco, fast food

1 large taco


Crab, blue

canned, 1 cup


Trail Mix

1 cup with chocolate chips, salted nuts and seeds


Functions in the Body

Balancing blood sugar levels and metabolic rate, sensitivity in regards to taste/smell, supports immune system, regulates genetic activity.

Therapeutic Benefits

May assist in the healing or management therapy for the following conditions: acne, alcoholism, Alzheimer's disease, anorexia, dermatitis, common cold, flu, Crohn's disease, diabetes, epilepsy, Grave's disease, herpes simplex, HIV/AIDS, male infertility, inflammatory bowel disease, muscular degeneration, osteoporosis, PMS, psoriasis, cataracts.

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