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Trinity of Successful Dieting That Renders Permanent Weight Loss

1. The individual must be willing to lose excess fat.

2. The individual must be willing to make a life change - forever embracing a healthier way of life which is much different than going on an eating plan that lasts x-amount of time.

3. The individual must continue to have the willpower and motivation to lose until they reach their fitness goals - and beyond.

Three Steps to Successful Weight Loss

1. The eating plan.

Without a plan in place we set ourselves up for failure from the beginning. After all, when we build a house - we don't start with the roof - or the walls. We start out with blueprints. And while a foundation is one of the most vital elements of a home, it isn't the first thing that must be done before building occurs.

First, the ground must be leveled and prepared.

Such is dieting. While an eating plan is vital - before we get to our eating plan, we must first be in a state of mind where we desire to get to a healthier state. And the stronger that we feel about getting there, the stronger our plan will be.

It's much like the biblical story of the foolish man who built his house on the sand and the rains came down - and the house washed away. But the wise man built his house upon the rocks and the rains came - and the house withstood the element.


So while a healthy eating plan is key to losing, the individual must first be willing to set things into motion. It requires willingness.

2. The exercise or activity plan.

We can reduce the amount of calories and fat in our eating plan until the cows come home - but unless we add a dose of healthy activity to our schedule, the body will suffer.

Muscles will weaken, the bones will be thinner, vital organs such as the heart will not perform as efficiently - and the body will simply feel poorly without adequate activity.

3. The relaxation plan.

Have you ever been involved in a project that required a whole lot of work? One that didn't have a deadline - and one that seemed to go on forever? If so, what was the result? If you are like most, at some point you became exhausted both physically and mentally. You got tired of the project - and may have tossed in the towel or quit.

The same applies to losing weight. When we hit the pavement at a fast pace we risk burn-out. The body as well as the mind require necessary breaks - necessary resting periods so that they can regroup and be revitalized. While exercise is important to optimum health, relaxation is equally important.

Note that all of the three elements are plans.

1. Without a plan in place, the compass needle is missing. A successful diet requires such.

2. As to the Trinity we listed, without motivation - your diet will fall apart quickly. In order to be successful, you're going to have to find a key motivator - whether it's a personal drive to lose the fat, or for health reasons - or reading articles that will keep you motivated to continue, work to find that element that will keep you inspired to continue until you meet your fitness goals.

3. Never give up! We are all humans - subject to failure. But we're also geared to achieving great success when we put both our heart and minds into our goals.


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