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Our Delicious Ciabatta Pizza is Easy to Prepare


If you're on a weight loss plan and are craving pizza - we have a quick solution that can satisfy those cravings.

Our recipe makes use of ciabatta bread which can hold a very crispy crunch when properly toasted.

When sauce and cheese is added the result is an 'OH MY!' sensation. Let's get started with this very simple-to-prepare recipe which uses minimal ingredients.

It's also very amendable so that you can add your own personal favorite ingredients to create new flavors.

The Recipe Ingredients

1. Ciabatta Bread - Toast by spreading with a thin layer of margarine and placing beneath direct heat, such as a toaster oven.

2. Spaghetti, Pizza or Marinara Sauce - Just choose your favorite prepared jar or can red sauce. We haven't tried the white, but if you enjoy that flavor, then experiment with the flavors.

3. Shredded or thinly sliced cheese which melts easily. We opted for Harvarti and it tasted wonderful.

Other great choices include: mozzarella and gruyere.

Special Cooking Notes: You can also add parmesan cheese if you like that flavor - as well as sauteed vegetables on top of the sauce before topping with cheese.


How to Prepare

1. Toast the ciabatta as directed above.

2. Spread with your choice of red sauce.

3. Top with shredded cheese - or a thin slice instead.

4. Incorporate any other vegetables that you wish such as chopped sun-dried tomato, broccoli flowerets, sliced mushrooms or black olives.

5. Place into a toaster oven - or the regular oven under direct heat until the cheese melts. It should melt quite quickly so be sure to monitor as it bakes.

Sides for Your Meal

Prepare a side salad consisting of your favorite vegetables. Ours include:

Breads, pizza recipe.- mixed spring greens

- cherry tomatoes

- slices of cucumber

- shredded carrot

- mushrooms

Dress with a light dressing and if you add croutons be sure to keep them to a single serving size. Also, serving the salad dressing on the side might save you a few calories.

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