Carbohydrate Tips for Limiting in Diet

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Necessary for Energy

1. Carbs get a really bad wrap these days but are essential to the human body. For starters, they assist in supplying quick energy to the body.

Complex or Simple?

2. Those containing added sugars are classified as Simple.

These include hard candy, cupcakes, pies, doughnuts - and so forth. Limit them within your eating plan.

It's not only the sugar to be concerned with - but also the fatty acid content.

3. Complex varieties can be your best friend. Opt for those rich in whole grains such as oats, rice and wheat based pasta.

4. Opt for fiber rich fruits, whole grains and vegetables whenever possible.

5. Prepare your meals with little added sugar. This tip will also assist in reducing dental caries.

Saturated Fat Notes

Have you ever opened up a can or container of a particular food and glimpsed fat floating on the top? This is quite common where meat products are part of the ingredient list - as well as with other fatty items such as olives.

That floating white stuff - just what is that? Saturated fat, that's what. The stuff that is notorious for contributing to heart disease and other uncomfortable ills.


The current recommendation is less than 10% of daily calories as saturated fat.

At times they can be very challenging to spot in the foods and drinks in the American diet.  Foods that are rich sources include:

1. High fat cheeses of all varieties. Skim versions of cheese as well as other dairy foods will assist in keeping saturated fat intake to a minimum.

2. Fatty cuts of meat. Go vegetarian!

3. Whole fat milk and cream and other dairy products.

4. Butter. Opt for low fat margarine instead.

5. Palm and coconut oils. Opt for canola, extra virgin olive oil and peanut oil instead.

6. Ice cream and related products. No wonder we all scream when we've had ice cream......

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