Can Overweight People Feel Skinny?

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Fat Suddenly Feels Skinny

Yes indeed - over weight individuals will feel skinny at times in their life. Here are just a few reasons why.

Gravitating Towards Feeling Thin

1. Gravity; when the moon is full the body is apt to feel lighter.

Decrease of Carbohydrates in Daily Diet

2. When Simple Carbohydrates are slashed from the daily diet - such as donuts, pastries, cookies, cakes, pies and candies.

Carbohydrates react like a dry sponge in the body, absorbing water in the digestive system.

And of course, if you've ever picked up a bucket or gallon of water, then you know that water weighs heavily.

When we're used to overeating carbohydrates and if they are suddenly reduced, the body starts to expel water which of course is heavy. In turn, the body suddenly feels much lighter.

As a note, if you are suddenly thinking about cutting carbohydrates from your daily diet in order to lose weight, think again. Carb-restricted diet plans are not only dangerous, the weight that is lost initially on the plan is water weight AND lean muscle NOT fat. Some low carbohydrate weight loss plans are 'healthier' than others. Our advice? Leave the simple carbohydrates such as doughnuts, cookies, cakes, pies and pastries behind and embrace the complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals, breads and rice.

Expelled Retained Water Due to Sodium Overload

3. The overweight individual may feel thin because they may have reduced foods and drinks that are high in salt content. Like the Simple Carbs, excess sodium in foods can contribute to false pounds via water retention in the body - and may require 2, 3 or more days to dissipate.

The exact amount of time depends upon how sensitive the individual is to the side effects of sodium - and how much salt they consumed.

Saturated Fats, Guidelines & Tips

Want to not only feel thin BUT look thin permanently? You can certainly accomplish that - just as I did some twenty years ago, losing about one-half of my body weight at the time.

One area to start working on for losing the excess FAT - is the area of FATS in the diet.

A daily diet that is extreme in saturated fat values has been tied to chronic disease. The heart is the most impacted.

The current dietary guidelines is less than 10% of daily calories as saturated fat.

Consuming an overage of foods and beverages rich in saturated fats can make the body feel exceptionally heavy - even when it is at its recommended weight. They have a way of making us feel very tired and sluggish, particularly after meal times or snacks.

And when weight gain occurs it tends to register on most individuals in the upper abdominal cavity as well as surrounding and encasing the organs of the body in fat.

The types of fatty acids that we consume truly matter in regards to weight distribution and reduction.

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