Bullied Into Losing Weight

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Excess Fat Might be Unsightly, But Words Hurt

Most individuals who have never seen a fat day don't understand why everyone can't be thin - just like them.


And many of these types of individuals are at the forefront of weight loss programs, methods and modes - telling you how you can get thin and fit - just like them.

Fact is - anyone can lose weight, but not everyone will gain weight. There is something in the brain of those that do which lead to an addiction to food and drink - whether it's related to the texture and flavors OR to a more serious, underlying issue - such as being chastised for something or another in their life.

And when that involves being bullied about their weight, it serves to hurt, to torment and to intensify the situation. The typical reaction to being bullied about one's weight - it to seek comfort in the foods and drinks that are creating the overweight condition.

People who have never been faced with overweight and obesity simply do not understand what the individual goes through - or why 'fat people' can't resist temptation.

Here are just a few hurtful situations where words hurt worse than being overweight:

Fat Shaming From Parents

Why? Because the child - no matter how old that child might be, strives to please the parent.

When a child is scolded before adulthood about bad behavior, it's a form of guidance. But when that child reaches adulthood, many parents can't let go of the control and realize that their child is grown - that it's up to them to make their own path without an advisor. This is the stage where the parent should revolve into a supporter rather than an advisor.

And when the grown child is berated or condemned for being overweight, it not only shows a lack of intelligence on the parent's part, but also a lack of sensitivity and empathy. And if the patient is overweight, their genes are likely playing a very big factor in the situation.

Fat Shaming From Peers

Why can't we all just love one another - and be friends with one another? Why do so many of us strive to be better than our peers? To be more successful? Why can't we simply be loved for who we are and appreciated for our own uniqueness - no matter what size we might be? Or, how we might appear on the outside when it's the inside that's truly the noble factor?

Fact is, being bullied or mocked about our looks from peers - whether it concerns body fat or our attire, hurts.

Fat Shaming From Spouse or Partner

They loved us when we were thinner - but that love has withered and faded as the pounds packed on. It's such a hurtful situation.

Fat Shaming From Doctors

We've often said that the most challenging form of diet is one that is recommended by a qualified doctor for health reasons. Whenever we are ordered or directed to do something by our boss - it's difficult enough because we are forced into a humbled position. Work is work - but when we are ordered amid our free time to do something, we tend to balk. After all, it's way more fun to eat and drink freely - as life itself is short, but when trimming back is necessary for improved health - it certainly impacts the issue and makes the situation overwhelming.

In Summary

If you are not at your recommended weight, then you've likely experienced some - if not all of the above situations. How do I know this? Because many years ago, I was a little tugboat carrying more than 100 excess pounds of fat. Diet Bites is a results of my success and I work hard to assist others in reaching their goals too - and in the process, having a healthier body.

Just remember, when the waters seem the choppiest - there is a lighthouse ahead that holds a bright light. Upon it's face reads "Diet Bites" and if you veer towards this light, you will always find comfort, support and safe haven.

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