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Dieting is Simple, Weight Loss is Challenging

Although people can make dieting extremely complicated, dieting is actually very simple ON THE SURFACE. Just like you and I - we all look pretty basic on the outside.

We have a nose, ears, a mouth and a tongue that we can rat on our little brothers and sisters with.

That's how dieting is...  

On the surface, it's very simple stuff. To stay at our desired weight, we just need to eat and work off that many calories each day. Simple, right?  That's the surface.

Now, let's open up the word D-I-E-T and see what's inside....

D - Dedication is the key word when dieting!

As long as you remain dedicated to your diet plan, you'll achieve Diet Success - no if's, and's or buttered bread's about it!

I - Inches and pounds are just one of the important fingers of dieting.

Did you know that you can actually look several pounds thinner just by toning?

Just think about some of the exercise gadgets thrown our way (or is that weigh?) over the past few years: Gut Be Gone; Buns of Steel; Thigh Master and so forth.

In addition, muscles take more calories, so a body consisting of high muscle mass is going to take more to sustain than one that isn't threaded with muscles.

Another note: those muscled cords will make the scales read just a bit higher but if you look thinner (WAY THINNER) that's an okay thing!

E - Eating must be an exact science!

Our bodies all require different amounts of calories per day due to our height, current weight, our gene pools, our activity level and the types of food that are eaten each day. Many foods work with other foods to burn more efficient and faster!

T - Time.  

It takes time to lose weight and one must be very patient. Although many adults have an opinion that teens are extremely impatient, more teens are successful with dieting, losing weight and maintaining their new weight than adults are.  

Of course, that's my personal experience, but I'd be willing to bet that an official study would confirm that.

So as we can see, dieting is a pretty complicated little word. How Many Pounds Can I Lose Safely Per Week?

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