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Why Can't I be a Cheerleader Too?

Veronica watched Bambi from the bleachers as she performed her ridiculous cheer. The girl could jump higher than a deer. Perhaps it was due to her name.

Veronica observed Bambi with thoughtful eyes as the crowd around her cheered.

She was so perfect, so sultry, so popular, so cheerleader-ee it was sickening. And she was so thin.

But she certainly didn't eat like a deer.

At the happy burger place the other day, Veronica had watched Bambi from afar as she had galloped to the counter, placed her Godzilla-size order, then downed the large chocolate milkshake, large fry and double cheeseburger.

If Veronica did that, she'd blow up like the Hindenberg.

Mean Teenager, Life's Unfair

And it wasn't as if Bambi were a nice person. She never spoke to anyone who wasn't 'on her level'. Wasn't there any justice in life? And when she did speak, she was rude and overly-confident, even that day when she'd had a boogie sprouting out of her nostril. No one at that time had the guts to even tell her.

Nonetheless, Veronica perked up as the crowd calmed down and Coach Whiner came to stand by Bambi to get everyone hyped for the game tonight.

Bambi was holding the hand microphone by her side, the center of attention - as always was the case with Bambi. And she had been 'the chosen one' that would be handing off the mike to the coach so he could rally team support. Yes, Bambi was always the star of any production at the school.

She Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

Veronica sat back in her seat on the cold, hard bleacher watching from the top row of the gymnasium as she continued to wallow in her thoughts. What bothered her most was all the meanness being rewarded with attention. Only last week Veronica had been running late in leaving the school when she'd opened her gym locker only to have a toad hop out at her.

Her tiny gasp was drowned-out by the laughter behind her. Bambi and her herd were planted there, their perfect faces outlined with smug grins amid their hee-haws.

Veronica had simply placed the darling little toad into a shoe box which she used to hold her gym sneakers. She had then taken it to a nearby pond and released it, sharing the incident with her best friend Betsy. Little did she know that her gym teacher had overhead the conversation.

Veronica jerked up straight as she heard Coach Nelson call out her name. He went on to praise her actions regarding her wildlife rescue.

All eyes in the gym were on her and she didn't quite know what to do. But as Coach Nelson continued in his comments, she couldn't wipe away the sudden smile that sprang to her lips.

He said, "And we know the individuals responsible behind these actions, and they will be reprimanded. Our school doesn't condone bullying or meanness to fellow students, particularly when they represent the school in the role of athletes or cheerleaders."

The following day the school was a-buzz with the latest gossip. Bambi had been striped of her cheerleading title and was on a three-day suspension. Later that day Veronica was called into the office where she was presented with a written apology from Bambi.

Moral of the Story: Good always prevails.

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