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Losing Excess Body Fat OR Simply Getting Healthier

Diet Teen is a fun teen cove that promotes a healthy diet. If you need to lose a few pounds, or just want to get fit, then we welcome you to enter our world filled with a healthy galaxy of good things!

Keep in mind that the amount of fat cells contained within the body are formed during these formative years. Therefore, by keeping off added pounds - you'll be reducing the potential amount of holding cells as your age.

When the body contains more fat cells, hunger is often the result as these cells seem to cry out to be filled with energy. Of course, that's a bit of embellishment - but the more one has, the more challenging it is to keep off excess pounds.

Starting Early in Life Equals a Potentially Longer Life

Of course, no one is guaranteed a longer life - but striving to be at your recommended weight can indeed improve the quality of your life as you age. And yes, it may even increase the number of years that you live.

How so?

Because you may forego diseases which are in your gene pool - such as diabetes.

An individual who is heavy and who has the diabetic gene in their family history is at a significantly greater risk at getting diabetes than an individualwho has the same diabetic gene and history but who is at their recommended body weight.

Doctor's Approval Best Before Losing Weight

Before you consider going on any weight loss or fitness plan, be sure and let your parents in on your plan.  

If you have a lot of weight that you want to lose, you'll want to see your doctor before beginning your diet plan.

Keep in mind that all of the information at Diet Teen is intended for informational and reading purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician.

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