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About Oily Complexions During Teen Years

An oily complexion can really be a bother and when you're a teen, the skin is generally at its oiliest state in life.

When the skin is oily, makeup is hard to apply, you always feel greasy, and the oils are bothersome when zits are on the rise, at times triggering flare-ups.

Our daily diet plays a big roll in the health of the largest organ in the body - our skin.

We need only to look at wildlife to see the stunning effects that foods and drinks have on the animal.

My husband and I have been active participants of ferret rescue for many years. We take in abandoned ferrets, and much of the time the poor things had a very poor home.

People may have been mean to them - or they may have been kept outdoors and nearly died from exposure to heat or cold.

Many of them were fed terrible diets - like generic cat food which isn't good for cats - much less for ferrets.

Once we start our little guys on the nutritious foods specialized for ferrets, within a couple of weeks their coats are more plush. They have more energy and are so playful.

The same applies to we-humans. When we add foods to our diet which are rich in certain nutritional elements, these impact our body

Fats in the Daily Diet

Fatty foods such as French fries, cheese, pastry and bakery items and butter are also high in calories - due to the high content of lipids.

There is also the issue of how the types of fats are distributed within the products because the distribution will impact how they are stored on the body when eaten in excess.

Those which are rich in saturated and Trans fats generally dig their way into the abdominal area, commonly referred to as belly fat.

In addition, foods which are fatty also contribute to the condition of our skin, making it oilier.

When our diets are lacking in lipids, the opposite effect can occur.

Our skin may dry, flake, become itchy.

The nails and hair may lose their luster, and the skin-itself may start to look rough and thicker. The older the individual, the more severe the condition tends to become.

Essential Oils, Stripping Can Damage Skin

Take some comfort in knowing that individuals who have oily skin usually retain their youthful appearance later in life.

I'd be willing to bet that Dick Clark had extra oily skin as he looked youthful and handsome way into his life.

With this said, try not to 'strip' all the oil off you face because as bothersome as it is, oil works in moisturizing.

Quick Facial Recipe

You may also enjoy the following face cooler recipe.

Grind or grate one cucumber until extremely fine and mix with a dab of vitamin E cream. Apply to your face, taking care to avoid the eye area. Let it 'rest' on your face for about 5 minutes.

My, don't you look fresh as a cucumber?

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