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2014 Weight Loss Challenge

Article by Diet Bites


Setting Goals for the New Year

How much weight do you have to lose? Ten pounds, fifty, seventy or over one-hundred?

Whatever excess body fat that you are currently loaded down with, the New Year offers opportunity for a healthier, slimmer you.

But will you succeed? You've probably been on numerous weight reduction plans over the years, and obviously they didn't work because you're right back where you began. In addition, you probably weigh more now than you've ever weighed in your life.

This is what we refer to as the endless circle of dieting. The next diet that you go on will often find you weighing the most that you've ever weighed. And if you don't take charge and work on removing the excess fat, you could gain even more unwanted pounds. That's the harsh truth of the matter.

And yes - I personally know what the overweight dieter is going through. About twenty years I lost about one-half of my body weight. I was well over 200 pounds! I had went on numerous weight loss plans - most of them fad plans, and fads never last for long nor do they rarely produce positive results. An individual generally ends-up unhealthier after going on a fad plan than before they began.

So what did I do differently some two decades ago? Why did I achieve my recommended weight? Why have I kept it off?

How to Make Your New Diet Be a Permanent Success

The reason why I lost all the excess weight and have kept it off is because I decided I didn't want to be fat anymore. I was tired of feeling embarrassed about my size - tired of being frustrated in trying to find clothes that helped to hide my unwanted fat layers - and I was hugely concerned about getting diabetes. My father died from complications of this disease in 2005 - but even back then, I saw what he was going through - what his personal challenges put the family through. I didn't want my kids or husband to go through the same torments, the same worries. And I didn't want to go through them myself. My dad went blind and had a barrage of health issues. I knew that at my current weight I was headed right up the road to walk side by side with him.

My dear dad was never able to beat gluttony. He loved to eat and didn't mind saying so. There are multiple stars who lived to almost 100 years old who were fatter than my dad, but they didn't have diabetes. It's a horrible disease - and of course, I have no assurance that at my recommended weight that I won't succumb to diabetes before I die. I had a severe case of gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy, so the future is uncertain.

Heart disease is also rampant in my family. I knew that losing weight would also assist to slash my risks for heart disease.


Although there is no guarantee that I won't have a heart attack or succumb to diabetes - or other ills, losing weight is one of the best methods for reducing risks and improving health, in addition to improving one's quality of life.

Positive Health Effects of Losing Belly Fat

You'll be able to walk and move about more freely for starters. And you'll be able to breathe easier now that your lungs aren't encased and smashed by fat.

Your joint and bone health will benefit greatly. Keep in mind that when you were born, you didn't arrive with the intention of adding a huge bulk to your body frame. It was created to hold your healthy weight - a few pounds more, if necessary. But at some point, it begins to break down - like a house whose roof is overwhelmed with snow.

You'll have better mental capacity after losing weight, and you'll feel more energetic.

If you currently suffer from common digestive issues, those will probably be a thing of the past. Heartburn will become quite rare.

This is just a short-list of the healthy effects of weight loss. And financially speaking, you won't be spending more at the grocery store to feed that x-large body.

2014 Weight Loss Challenge - Yes or No?

At this point, it's up to you. Will you lose to a healthy weight this year? You can if you want to - no matter what size you are. It's up to you to succeed. If you are very serious about losing, you won't need anyone else to cheer you on. I sure didn't. I didn't care what anyone said, I was determined to succeed.

But if you do, Diet Bites is here to guide you along. We won't make unreal promises - or try to feed you foods that were better meant for fodder.

So whether it's the year 2014 or beyond, the challenge is there. Yes or no? Are you in? For the long-haul? It's going to require a life change in your activity and eating plan. If you're willing, you can accomplish all of your fitness goals, just like I did. What say you?


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