How to Prevent Binge Eating

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Tips to Prevent Binge

If you are suddenly seized with temptation & are listing towards a binge, try the following savvy tips while that red warning light is blaring in your head.

Using Logic, Pause Before Leaping Into Food

Before you even think about eating a triple-decker hot fudge sundae, STOP, THINK and THINK, and then LISTEN to yourself.

When you reach this moment, you will have two very different voices going off in your head.

One is the angel voice and the other is the little devil voice. Listen to your sweet angel voice and this is especially true in the case of cakes. Angel food is eons healthier than devil's food.

Write Down What You're Feeling

Sit down and write a letter to yourself. Describe how you feel at the unkind moment. Let's look at a couple of possible situations.

1. If you are feeling hungry, this is a signal that you aren't eating enough When your plan is too restrictive, it's simply not going to work. In addition, rather than speeding up the weight loss process, the metabolism reacts in opposite fashion, slowing down to a sluggish pace to conserve precious calories.

2. Are you feeling frustrated because your weight reduction plan is too restrictive and you're missing the enjoyment you receive from your favorite foods? If this is the situation, try adding more of your favorite foods to your eating plan. A healthy plan incorporates all foods - as long as the individual isn't having to restrict them for a health reason.

For example, if you're missing eating a slice of pepperoni - then eat a slice. Most contain about 300 calories per slice. Add a healthy side salad to the meal along with low fat dressing. For about 400 calories, you'll be satisfying your cravings and will continue to drop unwanted pounds without experiencing a binge.

As we can see, writing down our feelings assists in beating binge. We can readily understand what is tempting us, and quickly adjust so that we continue to lose excess pounds.

Imagine Yourself as Thin to Fight Binge

Think about how much better your clothes fit now. Before the diet, those clothes had some pretty bad karma going on. Soon, you will be clothed in velvet! Velvet skirts, velvet pants, velvet underwear!

Planning Ahead to Fight Binge

Plan your attack! you may need to plan the day before, the week before, even the month before, but plan-baby-plan! Create a calendar and inside the squares, write down every item that you intend to eat. If you end up eating everything by noon (all your calorie allotment), then it's either "Tuffy T-bone" or, everything you feast upon for the remainder of the day will be an excess of calories. And we all know what happens to excess.

Keeping Occupied to Keep Your Mind Off Eating

Get your mind occupied with something that you enjoy doing whether it's reading a steamy peasant novel, watching village television, working with Playdoe - just doeth it!

Go for a short walk & take in the fresh air of the forest. Amid your walk, think about how much healthier you are since losing weight. If you are feeling really naughty, take a ten-mile hike while lecturing yourself. Do not allow your bad judgment to win. Willpower rules! Go little donkey, go!

You May Need Help Losing Weight

Hire a weight coach or counselor from the local village. Even after some villagers reach their final weight goal they are unable to maintain the weight. A coach or counselor will help you devise & stay with a weight maintenance program.

Keeping the Mouth Busy & the Stomach Feeling Full

1. Drink a glass of water to help the stomach feel full.

2. Eat a piece of fruit as they are naturally low in calories and fat.

3. Chew a stick of gum.

4. Take a nap, or if it's late turn in for the evening.


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