Restrict Carbs for Weight Loss Risks

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Carb Restricted Diets Increase Heart Attack Risk & Can be Lethal

If you are considering going on a carb-restricted diet to lose excess pounds, it's a great idea as long as simple carb are the restricted factor - NOT TOTAL carb intake.

The body requires them for option health. Let's look at bit deeper into the facts.

1. There are two types of carbohydrates: Simple and Complex.

2. They act as energizers and are a necessary part of total nutrition.

Without them, we would feel very sluggish and moldy - much like a used bath towel that's been left on the floor a month or two.

3. Carbs impact heart health, kidney functioning and are key in tasks performed by the human body. There have been numerous heart attack deaths associated with eating plans which were too restrictive in carbohydrate intake.

Everyone is at risk - but there are some individuals whose risk for negative health issues or death is increased. Those within the highest-risk category include: young children, teens, seniors, individuals with existing - including hidden health issues, and particularly those with diabetes, kidney disease and current heart ailments.

Simple vs Complex Carbohydrates

Foods which are categorized as simple carbs include those with minimal or decreased nutritional values such as pies, cakes, cookies, candy, and most bakery items.

Complex includes whole grains such as cereals, whole grain breads and brown rice.

There are some foods with are of the same type, such as rice or bread. While white rice is a good nutritional choice, brown rice contains even more healthier nutritional components. The same applies to white bread versus whole grain bread.

At least half our daily choices should be whole grains in this Food Group.

Teen Health Damage Can Be Permanent from Carb Restricted Dieting

If you heart is involved, it may never recover. Your life may be taken OR shortened due to such. We cannot stress how serious a low carb diet is for teens.

You should never go on a carb-restricted diet plan without first consulting:

a) your parents or legal guardian;

b) a professional doctor that practices in the field of medicine and diet.

Healthy Method for Losing Weight

1. Enjoy Complex Carbs in your diet such as: brown rice, oats, whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals, whole wheat pasta over the Simple Carbs such as cupcakes, cookies and cake. Switching to the complex-based foods will naturally produces weight loss as they are generally lower in calories than simple carbs.

2. Eat nutritious meals 3 times per day and limit serving sizes to one and be done.

3. Don't gulp or guzzle down your food. Eating slowly allows you to savor your meal and satisfy your appetite.

4. Add a moderate activity to your day - and yes, we like walking. Fifteen to twenty minutes per day makes a body feel so much better! And trimmer, too.

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