How to Reduce Fat From Diet

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Identifying the Fatty Acid & High Calorie Offenders in Your Daily Diet

Oil and sugar are the two top offenders when it comes to the human diet. Foods which often contain sugar are also significantly rich in fat content.

Together, these two elements [sugars, fats] create more overweight and obesity issues than any other food sources in the American Diet.

Lucky for us, there are several ways that we can blast the fat off our plate and out of our daily diet while still achieving optimum nutrition.

As a note, our bodies require a certain amount of body fat to properly operate, so we don't want to completely blast it away. If we do that, we jeopardize our health and at times, our life.

Why the Human Body Requires Fat, the ABC's

A. Padding of vital organs to protect against injury.

B. Luster for our hair.

C. Skin health - and keep in mind that it's the largest organ of the human body.

Our Fat Blaster Tips, Starting With Butter & Margarine Spreads

1. Cut back on butter and margarine; try to use half of what you normally would.

2. Reduced fat or light margarine makes a healthier choice than butter, containing less calories and fat grams.

Substituting Smashed Natural Fruits & Vegetables for Oil in Recipes

3. In recipes, substitute dried fruits, fresh fruits, applesauce and yogurt for oil. Several vegetables can also work for substitution of the recommended oils in recipes.

Winter squash varieties such as acorn squash, butternut squash and turban squash all work much like smashed pumpkin.

Evaporating Lipids Before They Enter the Digestive System

4. Pat any fried foods that you eat with a napkin before eating.

5. Microwave and drain bacon on a paper towel before eating.

Natural Foods Over Refined to Reduce Lipid Intake

6. Rather than grabbing a commercially prepared dessert or snack, reach for a bite of freshness off one of Mother Nature's trees.

Choose a fresh apple over apple pie, a yummy banana over banana pudding, a fresh cup of strawberries over strawberry shortcake.

In Summary

Many popular favorite foods that are high in fat content are being reproduced into healthier options.

While cheesecake can ruin your diet plan, pudding in cheesecake flavor prepared with low fat or skim milk can fit nicely into almost any diet plan.

Also check out the snazzy yogurts which come in every flavor from chocolate to cheesecake.

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