Safe Rate of Weight Loss

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A Safe Rate of Weight Loss

Two pounds per week is an excellent number to aim for when losing excess stored body fat.

If an individual loses more than two pounds per week, they could be losing muscle OR water weight rather than stored fat.

In addition, individuals who lose pounds too rapidly are at a higher rate of regaining the lost weight. On the other hand, losing those pounds at a slower rate may keep them off for good. And when it comes to excess weight - permanently getting rid of them is always best.

How to Lose Weight

In the beginning phase of a diet, the dieter will typically do one of three things:

1. Lose weight.

2. Stay at the same weight.

3. Gain some pounds.

Regarding 'losing weight', the weight loss may be minimal or great (5 pounds or more) that first week or two. A 'great' rate of weight loss generally occurs in those dieters who have a lot of weight to lose (generally 75 pounds or more).

When Considerable Weight Loss Results Occur

It would not be shocking for an individual who has more than 100 pounds to lose to drop at much as 10 - or even more pounds during the first week of their diet plan.

However, the more weight they lose - the closer they get to their recommended healthy weight. And unfortunately, as those excess pounds melt off the body requires less and less amounts of energy to support current weight.

Why should a dieter aim to lose just two pounds per week?

For several reasons - and all of them are healthy reasons.

It's a very safe weight loss rate which allows the body to adjust slowly to the changes.

Where the human body is concerned, it's all about things being in balanced.

Bingeing & Body in Balance

Take our body weight. It's dependent upon the amount of energy that we consume on a daily basis. If we decide to eat a giant cheesecake, several beef and cheese enchiladas, a couple of shakes and finally pig-out on a devil's food cake, we may exceed our daily calorie needs by a couple thousand kcals.

If you're currently overweight - you've overeaten several times in your life. Did you experience sudden weight gain - directly following your binge? Of course not. You may not have seen those extra pounds show up on the bathroom scales for a day, maybe two - or even three days later.

The same applies to the cheesecake incident. Pounds are not added immediately following a binge. They take time to appear because the body requires time to put everything in balance. It applies the nutrients - those precious vitamins and minerals, and it completes the processes which most efficiently deal with the food and drink it has been fed. When there is an overage of energy intake it balances the system by storing the excess.

When dieting, the body is continually readjusting to meet the needs of the 'new you'.

A 2-pound per week fat-loss generally assures the dieter that the weight will STAY off.

If the dieter remains at the same weight - that's okay! The scales may reflect a sudden drop so they should be absolute and stick with their plan. Again - keep in mind that the body is working hard to put things into balance.

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