Fat Shaming

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Are You a Victim of Fat Shaming?

If you answer yes to any of the following, you've most likely been a victim.

1. You overhear people mocking your size or making fun of how you look based on your weight.

2. When disagreements begin, others may call you names targeted towards your weight such as 'fatso, fathead, lard' and so forth.

3. If you've ever had a stranger look at you and appear disgusted over your weight, or shake their head, this is also a form of fat shaming.

4. If you are excluded or often voted as last on the team based on your weight, you're most likely a victim of fat shaming.

5. At times, people just can't accept us as who we are, including our weight. They may think they are doing good about talking to us about our overweight condition, and although their actions are well-intended, it's a form of fat shaming.

What You Can Do

It's easy to get angry and frustrated but that generally doesn't solve anything. So what will work?

Try asking the person point blank what they mean about their comment if they are name-calling or inferring things related to your weight.

Go a step further and let them know how hurtful their actions have been to you - how they make you feel.

Point out that their actions are immature - something more along the lines that would be said on an elementary school yard at recess.

If someone is honestly concerned about your overweight or obesity issue, take a gentler approach but do let them know that you're in charge of your body and that if you feel comfortable in your own skin, then they should be content to know that.


Why Fat Shaming is Harmful

At times the hurt can be so bad that it causes permanent emotional scars. I remember before I lost about one-half of my body size - and it was a moment that has continued to scar me throughout life.

I Too Was a Victim, Numerous Times

I was over 100 pounds overweight. I've always been a very happy, upbeat person and there was no one in my life that could take the place of my daddy, even when this unfortunate moment occurred. I was in my late 30's at the time.

I visited my parents that day and when I walked into the house, my dad was talking on the phone to his estranged sister. He said, "She's really big and fat."

He had diabetes and his eyes were failing at the time and when he heard me, he turned around and I don't know if he really saw me or not. I was so hurt that I never even asked him why he did me that way. After all, he was severely overweight for most of his life. His comment didn't make me love him any less, but it is something that I feel I should have asked him about at the time.

His estranged sister never visited him, would make contact with him once every 15 or so years, yet here I was - and I adored my daddy.

He's gone now, so I can never ask him about that moment. I do know that he detested me being overweight and I felt as if I displeased him. He was exceptionally proud when I lost all the excess fat.

In conclusion, if you have been a victim of fat shaming, stand up for yourself - and do let the person who did the act know that they have hurt you deeply.




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