Teenage Alcoholism

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Which Sounds More Fun? Smashed or Natural  High?

What would you rather experience? Obliteration from drinking excessive alcohol OR any of the following situations?

1. Playing a game, whether it's on a game box, the computer or outdoors.

2. Enjoying all the foods that you like with your favorite people.

3. Visiting a cool area that you'll remember forever.

4. Swimming in a crystal clean pool or lake with your best friends.

5. Reading a good book or going to see a popular movie.

It would seem that getting smashed to oblivion would be the last thing that anyone would want to do, but unfortunately many teens choose to do just that.

What Happens to the Body When You Consume Alcohol

1. Reflexes are impaired. This is generally the first reaction of the body. It relaxes, gets more cozy. After a feeling of relaxation, slurred speech generally occurs. When someone speaks, they may have to ask them to repeat what they said or asked.

2. Kidneys are impacted. If you've ever been around anyone who consumed several beers, then you know how often they had to run to the bathroom for relief. While one beer can actually assist the kidneys in ridding the body of toxins, it's best when consumed in non-alcoholic form.

And amid our history, beer has been a perfectly good drink - a healthy drink. It was brought over from England as pilgrims migrated to America because it had a long 'shelf' life. It didn't spoil. But do to abuse, too much can equal an unhealthy situation.

3. The liver is impacted and can be damaged. Every time an alcoholic beverage is consumed, liver damage occurs. The same applies to medications containing alcohol. Thing is - the human liver is a rather remarkable vital organ. When a minimal amount of damage occurs, it can rejuvenate itself. However, when damage continues to occur it is unable to repair itself and begins to die.


Keep in mind that the liver, as with the kidneys, acts as a screen - filtering out impurities and toxins from the body. Without the liver or kidneys, we cannot live.

4. Over time, the alcoholic experiences loss of brain cells as well as heart damage.

Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Kidney Issues & Alcohol

If cancer, heart or kidney disease or diabetes runs in your family - or if a combination of these diseases run in your family, if you become an alcoholic the risks for these diseases significantly.

Dangers of Alcoholism Addiction

After personally seeing multiple people in my immediate family as well as friends in my life who became a slave to alcohol, it's a very difficult subject to write about. Two close family members became so addicted that they couldn't function either emotionally or physically. One passed from liver failure, the other suffered a shortened life and lost years in the bottle as his mind was a useless sponge.

They both stunk to high-heaven of soured alcohol. Both cursed and one became violent when on a binge. One never got off a binge.

Teens & Alcoholism Addiction

Teens generally want to try things that adults do - even though a good many of them resent their parents and authority figures.

One of the things that many are drawn to is experimentation with alcohol. Addiction is no respecter of person. Its disabling effects impact the young, the old, the rich and the poor. It doesn't care what color the skin is, if the user is male or female or what nationality.

Alcohol is an addictive substance that can have devastating results, including death. It is best used in strict moderation, or not at all.

As to the healthy benefits of alcohol, due to it being a highly addictive substance the risks of becoming addicted outweigh any health benefits which would have resulted from consumption.




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