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Fatty Foods Equal Fatty Calories & Unwanted Layers of Padding

If you're a fan of the fatty foods which are listed in our data chart below, it's a healthy idea to try to find ways to trim back the lipid content.

But...how can that be accomplished?

Ordering Smaller Serving Sizes to Reduce Weight

When it involved fast foods, order the smallest selection.

Example: rather than the double cheeseburger, go with the smallest cheeseburger available with a single meat patty; opt for mustard and ketchup over Mayo and special sauces to trim back fat even more.

At most popular fast food chains, the larger cheeseburger contains 500 or more calories. The smaller ones range from 250 to about 400 calories. Let's look at a few of the most popular burgers and their energy content.

Jack in the Box

The Jumbo Jack with cheese contains 570 kcals, 23 grams [g] of total fat, 8 saturated fat g, 1.5 Trans fat g and 60 milligrams of cholesterol. The Jr. Jack Cheeseburger contains 320 kcals, 14 g of total fat, 6 saturated and 1 Trans fat g, and 30 milligrams of cholesterol. The negative values have been almost halved.

McDonalds Restaurant

Quarter Pounder with cheese contains 520 calories and 26 total fat g in comparison to the Cheeseburger which contains 300 kcals and only 12 g of total fat.


The Sonic Cheeseburger with Mayo contains 750 kcals and close to 50 grams of total fat. If prepared with mustard it still contains over 700 calories and 43 grams of total fat. This should raise flags to the dieter. Why so? Because the total fat content is very high in comparison to the burgers at Jack in the Box and McDonalds. If we had to guess, we'd say that Sonic is using a much-fattier ground beef in their burgers.

The Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger contains 420 kcals and 25 grams of total fat, more than the Jumbo Jack and only a gram less than the Quarter Pounder sold at McDonalds.

As we can see, several factors go into the resulting nutritional values as well as in making the healthiest choices.

By ordering the smaller burgers - or other food selections, you'll not only be trimming energy values - but you'll also be reducing the more negative elements such as cholesterol, Trans and saturated fats.

Ordering Smaller Serving Sizes to Reduce Fat Excesses

Pizza - so delicious, and those deep dish versions are the cat's meow. If we look at our chart below, we can see that pizza isn't as deadly as one might think. It contains all the basic food groups - with the fruit group being in the form of tomato sauce. Stick to 1-2 slices and move away - yeah, right to the salad bar.

Food values can be deceptive. For example, for about the same amount of calories in Dairy Queen's large chocolate shake, we can enjoy more than 4 slices of pizza at Pizza Hut.

Food Selection


Total Fat g

Saturated Fat g

Trans Fat g

Cholesterol mg

Sodium mg

Taco Bell's Nachos Bell Grande







Pizza Hut, Cheese Pizza, 12" pizza, 1 slice







McDonalds French Fries, Large Order







Sonic Double Bacon Cheeseburger With Mayo







Dairy Queen Chocolate Shake, Large







Chef in Charge of Limiting Fat Excesses

When preparing foods at home, ask whoever is preparing the meal if you can prepare your own. It's much easier to control your diet if you know the ingredients which are going into the meals you eat.

Dieting Tips for Teens

1. If frying is involved, if you pan or oven roast your food it will contain significantly less fat and calories, particularly if the batter is removed.

2. Where dairy products are concerned, request the lower fat options if possible. This will benefit the entire family's health.

3. When you're at a party, look for the tray of fresh vegetables over the dips and chips. Watch those sugary punches and sodas as they can quickly pack on pounds.

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