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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our humble kitchen pantry is filled with healthy recipes for your weight loss plan...

From our Healthy Hunza Bread to our Golden Pumpkin Soup, there's always something good cookin' in the Diet Bites' kitchen for you!

One of the first items that a new dieter addresses are the foods that they plan to make a part of their weight loss plan.

Part of the planning strategy involves finding foods that are lowest in caloric values because when calories remain low, it allows room for more food in the diet.

Another consideration is nutrition; the foods that are part of the new diet need to arrive holding a value or they are likely to cause more grief to the new dieter than not.

Beginning of Diet May Use Foods That Are Pre-calculated in Calories

At the beginning of a new diet, the dieter may choose to stick to foods in which the calories are pre-calculated, allowing little to no room for error. Foods that fit into this menu may include: canned tuna, foil packed fish such as tuna and salmon, canned chicken, canned soups and stews.

When it comes to adding a serving of vegetables to the Food Plate or to snack time, the following vegetables are quite popular in raw form: carrots, celery, cucumber, cabbage and lettuce. The dieter may also gravitate away from breads for a time, choosing crackers that are consumed in controlled amount along with the raw vegetables and generally, the tuna.

Many Diet & Low Calorie Recipes Contain Too Many Ingredients

But as time goes by and weight loss ensues, the dieter often finds that they need something more - foods with flavor. So they go on a hide and seek adventure, generally funning into diet recipes which contain the oddest ingredients - and so many ingredients.

At times, the cooks who create the recipes try very hard to substitute the fat and sugar with too many bottles from the spice rack, thus leaving some recipes close to the size of a proper dictionary.

For the average dieter, they don't want to wade through a recipe that contains a plethora of strange ingredients; when one is dieting - the more simple the food, the easier the meal preparation.

Simple Meals Best When Dieting

As because dieting is stressful enough as-is, preparing a simple meal that will be tasty is a great way to relieve that stress.

On that note, Diet Bites contains hundreds of diet recipes which are very simple to prepare. If you're in the mood for a banana cream pie?

Whatever you're in the mood for, odds are we have a skinny recipe version at Diet Bites. Try here for our recipe index - it's quite large and contains a good bulk of the recipes that you'll discover here.

We've also included numerous original recipes within our weight loss plans so that you can read the helpful tips to assist with weight loss while pairing those with healthy recipes.

Keep in mind that a weight loss plan is a lot like a recipe. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you wish. And if you're seeking those simple recipes, then we hope that you'll enjoy thumbing through our recipe box and adding the ones that appeal to your personal taste to your weight loss plan.  More Free Recipes


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