Secrets of the Food Pyramid, Super Foods

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Super Foods for Super Weight Loss

Super Food Lists are everywhere these days and tend to be more popular than Santa himself.

And who doesn't want to enjoy foods that pack healthy punches - as well as a potentially longer life?

Super Foods contain impressive amounts of Vitamin C which can prevent some forms of illness - and even protect the human body against certain types of cancer.

They are all naturally low in sodium, cholesterol and dietary fat content. Most super foods offer a good blast of dietary fiber, protein grams, and potassium benefits. Some even contain impressive calcium content.

All Earth-Grown Foods Are Super Foods

Fact is, one of the best-kept secrets of the Food Pyramid is that ALL earth-grown foods hold super powers and each in their own right could be ranked as a super food.

The following is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to super foods of the Food Pyramid.

circle01_lightblue.gif Apple circle01_lightblue.gif Apricot circle01_lightblue.gif Avocado circle01_lightblue.gif Banana circle01_lightblue.gif Blackberry circle01_lightblue.gif Blueberry circle01_lightblue.gif Cantaloupe

circle01_lightblue.gif Cherry circle01_lightblue.gif Cranberry circle01_lightblue.gif Currant circle01_lightblue.gif Date circle01_lightblue.gif Fig circle01_lightblue.gif Tangerine circle01_lightblue.gif Watermelon

Super Foods aren't limited to the fruit group.

They also include healthy vegetables - from asparagus to zucchini, a complete A to Z list - and all are impressive with each of them bringing something unique to the meal

Healthy grains are also part of the Super Food group as well as many proteins.

We strongly encourage plant proteins over animal; they are so much more healthy and look ma - no blocked arteries.

Suggestions for Super Foods & Dieting

Rather than dining on a fatty red steak, try a bowl of red beans alongside of a wedge of golden cornbread.

For snack time, rather than a stick of turkey or beef jerky, grab a serving of pumpkin or sunflower seeds - or a serving of nuts. The healthy Omega 3's found in many nuts will benefit the health of the heart. Isn't that a sweet beat?

We can get our fill of Super Foods throughout our day quite easily as most come locked inside their own special packages, compliments of Mother Nature and Father Earth - what a delicious tag team these two make, eh?

For breakfast, we can add whole oats to our meal plate and pop some fresh fruit into the bowl. For snack time, we can enjoy a small tray of fresh raw fruit or veggies. For lunch and dinner, we have the opportunity and grab onto a plethora of healthy offerings - from green beans to golden carrots.

Be sure to get your Super Food supply of energy today - and every day marching forward. These babies can assist in combating weight gain and assist in losing those unhealthy pounds, too.

Diet Bites Golden Rule: The nearest the food is to its natural state, the less caloric and fat values therein - while retaining the most nutritional values in the area of vitamins and minerals.

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